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The Intriguing Future of SUPER EIGHT Despite Group Name Change

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The five members of “SUPER EIGHT” (from left to right: Murakami, Yasuda, Okura, Yokoyama, Maruyama) (December ’19)

On March 4, Fuji Television announced the termination of four programs featuring talent from SMILE-UP. (formerly Johnny’s Office). It was announced that “SUPER EIGHT’s Boku wa Jiyu ni” would “temporarily end” along with “KinKi Kids’ Boom Boom,” “TOKIO’s” “TOKITABI,” and “Itadakari High Jump” by “Hey!

SUPER EIGHT”, a popular group from the former Johnny’s office, had just changed its name from “Kanjani Eight” on February 4 in response to the sexual assault scandal involving the late Johnny Kitagawa. The program was also renamed from “Kanjani Eight no mokoro wa jiyu ni” (Sekijani Eight, the rest is up to you). The other program, “Sekijam Complete Burning Show” (TV Asahi), will also be renamed “Eight-Jam” in April.

The name of the new group was chosen from among the fans, but it sounds like a K-pop group. The name was controversial among fans, as it did not seem like a group from the old Johnny’s. The eight members of the group at the time of its debut were not in the group.

Hiroki Uchihiroki (37), Subaru Shibuya (42), and Ryo Nishikido (39) had already left the group, which had eight members when it debuted. The current five-member group consists of Yutaka Yokoyama (42), Shingo Murakami (42), Ryuhei Maruyama (40), Akihiro Yasuda (39), and Tadayoshi Okura (38). Even so, the reason for sticking to “EIGHT” is probably out of consideration for the fans, since the fans call the group “eighter” and the Hachiman Shrine in Akabane, Tokyo, has become a “sacred place” for the group’s fans. (A source from the record company)

On January 24, the group released “Anthropos,” their 50th and last single under the name “Kanjani Eight. They appeared on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen for the 11th consecutive year until 2010. From December 2010 to January 2011, they held their ninth dome tour in three years. It seems as if they have already done everything they can do as a group.

Shibuya, who had been the main vocalist of the group since its debut and had outstanding singing ability, left the group in July 2006, which was very damaging. In September of the following year, Nishikido, who was a popular member, also left the group. Around that time, theories of the group’s inactivity began to emerge (entertainment reporter).

On March 2, “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT,” the new company that will take over the management of talents from the former Johnny’s, announced on its official website that it will hold commemorative concerts in April and May.

The concerts will be held at Tokyo Dome on April 10 and Kyocera Dome Osaka on May 29 and 30, and will feature 12 groups including “SUPER EIGHT. It is likely to be the first big stage after the group’s name change, but after that, “SUPER EIGHT’s activities as a group are likely to be scaled back considerably.

Okura, who was rumored to have left the group at one point, is now working with Yokoyama in the Kansai Junior (formerly Kansai Johnny’s Jr.) unit, which includes “Naniwa Danshi” (Naniwa Boys), “Ae! The two are likely to focus more on producing in the future, and a new group will probably emerge from Kansai Junior as well.

Shingo Murakami has already established himself as an MC and will likely receive offers for new shows in the future. Maruyama and Yasuda will probably increase their solo activities as actors. However, because of the fan club’s revenue, they may go on hiatus, but they should not break up.

The commemorative concert for “STARTO” in their hometown Osaka at the end of May may be some kind of major milestone for “SUPER EIGHT”.

The group’s activities began in 2002. They were the second group from Kansai since “KinKi Kids. Photo taken at the rehearsal for the Kohaku (red and white) in 2007.
The “super” in “SUPER EIGHT” came from Yokoyama (left). Maruyama played the role of an entertainment journalist in a stage performance in March (December ’19).
Okura (right) and Yasuda (December ’19) have been in the spotlight for their relationship with Alice Hirose.
Murakami’s partnership with Matsuko Deluxe on “Monday Night Fakashi” (NTV) has also been well received (December ’19).
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