Why “illegal sex store work” is becoming popular among “Grishita Kids” who hang out under the famous “Glico sign” in Osaka | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why “illegal sex store work” is becoming popular among “Grishita Kids” who hang out under the famous “Glico sign” in Osaka

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Osaka’s famous Glico sign. Glico kids hang out under it, causing problems.

The famous “Glico sign” in Osaka. The “Glico sign” is a famous landmark in Osaka, but there are many “Glico kids” hanging out under it on the promenade under the Glico sign in Minami, Osaka (hereafter “Glico”) and along Dotonbori.


Under the grill and along Dotonbori, many young people, including minors, gather at night, making the area like a meeting place for the younger generation. Some of them seemed to earn money by playing stand-up for want of money to play, and it became a famous stand-up spot like Okubo Park in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho. The Osaka police and government officials saw this as a problem and made rounds, and the number of Grishita kids doing tachinbo seems to have decreased.

Although they could no longer play stand-up, the kids who wanted money turned to illegal sex work. We interviewed M., 20, who was actually a Grishita Kid and is now working at an illegal brothel.

I’m working at an illegal delivery sex store, which is not advertised on their website or SNS, and you can only go there through referrals. When I get a call, I meet up with them and we go to a hotel. The price is 15,000 yen and includes the performance. If you want to do it without a rubber, the price starts at 20,000 yen.”

Due to police patrols and other measures, the Grishita kids are no longer allowed to play stand-up. These girls were welcomed by an illegal delicatessen where they were allowed to perform the real number. But why do these girls continue to work there even though they know it is illegal?

First of all, the pay is good. First of all, the pay is good. And since the store can only be used by referrals, they can avoid stalkers and scary people.

Although they don’t make as much money as they do standing around, the women are often paid half of what they receive from the men who are their customers at regular delicatessen, but at this store they get paid more than that, making it easier for them to work.

Another reason they work at the store is that it eliminates the risk of men who become violent and do not pay when they are alone with a woman in a hotel, or men who stalk them on the street.



Another convenience for the girls is that they do not have to work a set number of hours, as is usually the case in adult entertainment establishments.

The store rents a room in an apartment as a waiting area, and when you go there, a customer is assigned to you. In most brothels, there is a shift system, and if you miss a shift suddenly on the day of work, there are penalties and fines, but there is no such system. I think that’s why people come to this place, because they can do it just like a stand-up job.

However, it is hard to imagine that they need that much money to hang out with their friends, so why do they work at illegal brothels to earn money? When we asked them about this, we got a surprising answer.

They need money to play under the table,” she said. OD (overdose) is popular under the grill, and it costs a lot of money. But I’m stupid, so I have to sell my body, and my boyfriend said to me, ‘You have a good body,’ so I decided to play stand-up. There were many girls like me standing around under the grill, but since the police started patrolling, many of them started working at the store.”

Mr. M told us the story in a roundabout way, but on his way to the store, he received a call from the store and decided to go to work. Many young people gather in “Grishita” and “American Street”. Even if there is police intervention in illegal prostitution, it is still taking place in different forms.

Government intervention is required before this situation becomes the norm among young people.

Mr. M, who is about to go to the store
Trash, presumably left by the kids under the grill, was strewn about.
It has become one of the tourist attractions
American Street
American Street
American Street
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