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Why Does Wada Akiko Stay on TBS’s “Akko ni Omakase” Despite Verbal Gaffes?

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Wada Akiko, known as the “God Sister” in the entertainment industry, has been giving advice to younger talents and others for quite some time.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just imagination, a fantasy!”


Singer Akiko Wada hastily clarified.

On the March 3rd broadcast of TBS’s “Akko ni Omakase!” show, they featured Shohei Ohtani of the Dodgers, who had announced his marriage on February 29th. When Wada brought up the topic of Ohtani’s spouse, she made a “verbal slip” by saying,


“His wife is about 180 centimeters tall, right?”


Ohtani had only revealed that his wife is a Japanese woman and quite an ordinary person, leaving various female names circulating online as potential candidates. While there are indeed tall women among the leading contenders, there is currently no confirmation.

In response to this slip of the tongue, TBS announcer Risa Uchi promptly interjected,

“We don’t have any information about his wife.” 

and immediately corrected herself. Wada, realizing the gravity of the situation, also exclaimed, 


Wada fell silent, stunned. Co-star Ryuta Mine added, 

“We don’t know anything. Just an ordinary Japanese person.”

As Mine spoke, Tetsuro Degawa chimed in with,

“It’s just speculation.” 

Swiftly providing support.

On the February 25th broadcast of the same program, Wada also commented on the series of controversies involving Matsumoto Hitoshi from “Downtown,” saying, 

“I’m not defending him or anything, but why did the accuser choose ‘Bunshun’ instead of going to the police?”

To this, lawyer Noriko Miwa commented, 

“In cases of sexual crimes, evidence is often hard to come by, and victims are frequently treated coldly by the police. Many victims are turned away because of lack of evidence, or they feel they can’t even consult with the authorities. So, it must have been very difficult in that regard.”

She answered. However, Wada continued,

“Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t you immediately think to consult with the police if something happened? If something happens, you go to the police first. Since childhood, I’ve been taught to go to the police.”

Wada’s question “Why not go to the police?” has been a topic of repeated discussion since the beginning of the Matsumoto controversy in late December last year through early January. For Wada to bring it up at this point, some netizens commented,


“Late to the party.”

“What’s she talking about now?”

And criticism quickly followed.


“What was particularly shocking was the change in Akko-san’s discourse. In Matsumoto-san’s case, Kazuyuki Ozawa-san from ‘Speed ​​Wagon,’ an agency affiliated with Holipro where Akko-san belongs, was specifically mentioned as an attending role.

Initially, Akko-san sternly rebuked Ozawa-san’s side, who claimed it was baseless. She mentioned, ‘There are women who claim to be victims,’ and up until then, she had always been careful with her words. So, the sudden change is honestly worrying,” says a TV station insider.

Even in Ohtani’s case, it’s easy to imagine that through staff and associates, they would have heard about potential candidates for his partner.

“However, Akko-san, if she were her usual self, would have immediately realized that such comments shouldn’t be made on TV. Such a basic mistake wouldn’t have happened in the past,” says a TBS insider.

Wada is also 74 years old this year. It’s natural for her to have age-related decline, especially considering she underwent hip surgery earlier this year. According to someone familiar with Wada,

“At one point, walking was difficult for her, and she even used a wheelchair backstage. Despite her tough image, Akko-san is actually quite timid and prone to negative thinking.

Recently, the number of people she goes out drinking with has decreased. She’s become more depressed, but those around her try to cheer her up every time.”

While some media outlets are actively reporting rumors of the end of “Omakase” or Wada’s retirement, according to the aforementioned TBS insider,

“If it were to be cancelled, Holipro wouldn’t stay silent. TBS is also aware of this. I think it will continue unless Wada herself decides otherwise.”

On the 3rd, Wada uploaded a photo on Instagram showing her arm-in-arm with a life-size panel of Ohtani, which was used on the show. While this also received both positive and negative feedback, Wada herself adheres to the policy of not reading any online comments.

For better or worse, she remains a figure in the entertainment industry that cannot be ignored.

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