Junya Hiramoto’s Heart Surgery Raises Concerns Over Concerned Party Association Rep’s Recklessness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Junya Hiramoto’s Heart Surgery Raises Concerns Over Concerned Party Association Rep’s Recklessness

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Shimon Ishimaru takes an increasingly confrontational stance toward “SMILE-UP.

“I cannot accept it. Considering the actual extent of the damage, the compensation amount is insufficient.”

Shimon Ishimaru, vice president (56) of the “Concerned Party Association for Victims of Johnny’s Sexual Abuse Issues,” revealed on February 21st that he was offered 18 million yen as compensation by the victim relief committee established by “SMILE-UP.” (formerly Johnny’s Office), expressing his anger openly.

Mr. Ishimaru entered Johnny’s Office at the age of 14. He confessed to having suffered sexual abuse from the late Johnny Kitagawa over 100 times during his three years as a junior. He developed severe depression in his thirties, which began to affect his daily life. Currently, he lives on welfare.

During the meeting with the victim relief committee, he requested that the compensation amount include lost profits (profits that could have been obtained if not for the damage). For Ishimaru, who had previously stated, “I’m in it for the money,” the offered amount was not satisfactory.

“The true intention behind Ishimaru’s money-oriented remarks was to convey the seriousness of the crimes committed by Junnosuke Kitagawa by emphasizing the need for financial assistance and by making high financial demands. However, the remarks were taken out of context, and the victims’ association came to be seen as a money-oriented group by the public, shifting the tide. Although he played a role in public relations, it seems that all the members now wish he would stop talking.” (Former member of the victims’ association)

Ishimaru, who couldn’t contain his anger at the proposed amount, reportedly lodged a complaint with the relief committee. Furthermore, according to sources, he had also planned to hold a solo press conference.

“Ishimaru had been reaching out to acquaintances in the press to hold a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.” (Sports journalist)

However, it is said that he decided to retract this plan a few days later.

“SMILE-UP. has been conducting interviews requesting not to disclose the compensation amount. Although the compensation amount has been reported to be between 10 to 15 million yen, specific figures have not been disclosed by the victims who were presented with the amounts. However, when Ishimaru revealed that he was offered a higher amount than the average, it raised concerns that it could disrupt the smooth progress of the compensation process.

Naturally, this was also one of Ishimaru’s intentions, and he was eager to hold a solo press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan to discuss the details. However, it seems that lawyers, judging that speaking further would worsen the situation, persuaded him to withdraw from the press conference after breaking the promise.” (Previously mentioned sports journalist)

Ishimaru seems to have spiraled out of control. What could possibly be driving him to such extremes?

“It turns out that Junya Hinamoto, who resigned as the representative of the victims’ association due to poor health, suffered a myocardial infarction in February and underwent catheterization surgery. This seems to have strengthened his resolve to carry on alone in the future, feeling that he has no choice but to do his part.” (Associate of the victims’ association)

However, as expected, contrary to his intentions, criticism against Ishimaru is flooding social media.


“Junya Hinamoto was originally the one who controlled Ishimaru, who was mentally unstable. While the relief efforts are still ongoing, TV stations are once again favoring former Johnny’s talents. It would be best if Ishimaru, feeling increasingly isolated, doesn’t spiral out of control further.” (National newspaper journalist)

There seems to be no end in sight for Ishimaru and “SMILE-UP.” to reach a resolution.

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