NEWS “Koyama Keiichiro” personal website opened, but anxiety grows… Destination of “janitorial agents” who have “agent contracts”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NEWS “Koyama Keiichiro” personal website opened, but anxiety grows… Destination of “janitorial agents” who have “agent contracts”.

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From right, Takahisa Masuda, Keiichiro Koyama, and Yuya Tegoshi. In personal attire at the annual New Year’s visit to Johnny’s in ’16.

On February 22, NEWS’s Keiichiro Koyama announced the opening of his personal official website. Since details regarding his contract with the former Johnny’s (now “SMILE-UP.”) were not revealed, fans asked, “Are you going independent?” He will continue to be a member of NEWS, right? Fans were puzzled. Amidst the string of departures of talents from the group following the sexual assault scandal involving the late Janie Kitagawa, Koyama seems to have made a decision in his own way.

On the morning of the same day, Koyama announced on his X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram, “I opened the Koyama Keiichiro website on Cat Day! (original text in Japanese, same below),” he reported. Along with a photo of his beloved cat, Milk, he unveiled a PC screen with the site open.

A look at Koyama’s personal website reveals the following: “What can I do to continue “Communicate” as “Expressionist Keiichiro Koyama”? What can I do to continue to “communicate” as an “Expressionist Keiichiro Koyama”? By experiencing and learning various cultural values and passing them through my own filter (sensitivity), I may be able to deliver my thoughts to others more easily. One by one, carefully. I will walk alongside you all.

In addition, there is a “CONTACT” page that accepts performance requests and inquiries for interviews. However, there is no mention of his group, NEWS, on the “ARTIST PROFILE” page. It is also known that Koyama’s radio program “K-chan NEWS” (Bunka Hoso), in which he is a personality, will end in March of this year. In light of this situation, fans on the Internet are saying, “Kei-chan has opened his own personal website,

Kei-chan has opened a personal website. I’m wondering if he is going to be independent from his office, or if he is going to sign an agent’s contract.
〈The opening of a personal website at a stage when the future direction of NEWS has not yet been announced makes me uneasy. Please explain as much as you can.
Does this mean they’re going to set up a private office? We have to wait for an explanation from him.

The situation was so disturbing that the former Johnny’s Office was asked to explain the situation to the victims.

The former Johnny’s’s office became a company dedicated to compensating the victims, and a new company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, was established to receive the talents. On the other hand, since last fall, former V6 member Junichi Okada, Kazunari Ninomiya of Arashi, Toma Ikuta, and other talents who mainly work as actors have left the agency and become independent. He stated that the company will be a “hybrid of an agency system and a management system. Many fans are probably paying attention to what kind of contracts their supporting talents will sign with STARTO ENTERTAINMENT,” says an entertainment writer.

Incidentally, Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN mentioned the contract in a live broadcast (January 20) when he opened his own YouTube channel, “Nakamaru Galaxy Channel. Nakamaru prefaced his live broadcast (January 20) when he launched his YouTube channel, “Nakamaru Ginga-chan Channel,

Both sides have reached an agreement, and now it’s just a matter of deciding on the last piece of paper.”

In conclusion, I would say that we made it a mix of an agent contract and a management contract. What this means, simply put, is that I was given a content that has the potential to increase the scope of my work tremendously.”

He remarked.

On October 2 of last year, it was announced that the former Johnny’s would establish a company to handle talent management and other operations. Koyama and others were talking about the contract issue during the NEWS concert held on October 14 in Hiroshima. At that time, the agency had not yet held an explanatory meeting for the talent, and Koyama confessed on the Internet that he was “looking into the agent contract so much. After a few months, he may have chosen the best course of action.

Speaking of Koyama, from April 2010 to June 2006, he also worked as a news anchor for the news program “news every,

(NTV) from April 2010 to June 2006. Doesn’t this mean that he is now able to take on work as an individual as well? I don’t think anything will change for Oyama-kun of NEWS, so I would like to support him.

Some people have voiced their expectations for his future activities.

In the meantime, he updated his blog on the FAMILY CLUB web, a membership site, at 12:00 p.m. on January 22. He announced that he would continue his group activities, saying, “I have created this website as a window for expanding the possibilities of individual activities as well as NEWS activities. How will NEWS and Koyama’s individual work change in the future?

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