Former Advisor to Entertainment Firm Accused of Repeatedly Indecent Assault Rookie Actress in Shocking Hotel Incident | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Advisor to Entertainment Firm Accused of Repeatedly Indecent Assault Rookie Actress in Shocking Hotel Incident

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Arrested suspect Hoshi

The re-arrested man remained face down in the transfer vehicle even when this magazine’s reporter pointed a camera at him.

On February 26, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Honjo Police Station arrested Masanori Hoshi, 57, of Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, on suspicion of quasi-forcible sexual intercourse and other charges. Hoshi is a former advisor to an entertainment production company in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, and was also arrested on February 6 on suspicion of fraud for allegedly swindling money from a former actress belonging to the company.

The alleged crime took place over a long period of time, from January 2004 to February 2007. The victim was a teenage actress, A, who was a newcomer to an entertainment company of which Hoshi was an advisor. The suspect lured Ms. A to a hotel in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, saying, “Everyone has done this before, so don’t worry about it.

According to the police, he allegedly made Ms. A unable to resist, stripped her naked, and performed indecent acts on her. The suspect said the following words to Ms. A: “Let’s check your body shape. All successful girls have been through this before.

Funding to become an actress.”

Hoshi’s alleged crimes are not limited to indecent acts. He is alleged to have swindled Ms. A out of approximately 200,000 yen, claiming that she would not be able to appear on TV unless he made a big splash and that he was using the money to help her become an actress.

It is not just an act of defrauding her, but also an act of cheating her by saying, “I have to get on TV if I don’t make it on the market,” “I have to become an actress,” etc. Ms. A must have been very worried about this.

She left the office in October 2007. In February 2011, she said, “I was asked for a large sum of money to become an actress. The amount of money Ms. A was cheated out of is believed to be several million yen.

The suspect denied part of the crime to the police, saying, “There is no doubt that I committed an indecent act, but I did not take her to a hotel by force. The suspect is said to have given the following unbelievable statement.

I did not intend to take advantage of my position (as an advisor). But it is understandable that he could not refuse my invitation.”

The police are investigating Hoshi’s other crimes, believing that Ms. A may not be the only victim.

Stated that he “did not use his position.”
Remained slumped over in the transfer vehicle the entire time.
The crime is said to have continued for more than three years.
Denies some of the charges.
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