Question Arise Over Nippon-Ham Coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo Camp’s Third Year Performance: Running on Empty? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Question Arise Over Nippon-Ham Coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo Camp’s Third Year Performance: Running on Empty?

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Tsuyoshi Shinjo, 52, the third-year manager of Nippon Ham, is said to be suffering from a “lack of material.

The team’s atmosphere is as good as ever. The atmosphere in the team is as good as ever.

Every year, NIHAM holds its first-team training camp in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. In the past two years, the team has invited extra coaches such as Koji Murofushi (49) and Sou Takei (50), the batting order for the red-and-white games has been decided by lottery, the manager travels around the stadium on a tricycle, and various other performances conceived by the big boss have entertained the fans.

The ballpark Restaurants and bars in the vicinity were crowded not only with Nichi-Ham fans but also with people who came to see Manager Shinjo as a highlight of their sightseeing in Okinawa. Even the COVID-19 crisis boosted sales throughout the city. It was truly Shinjo’s fault,” said a local restaurant owner.

What kind of performance did Director Shinjo entertain us with this year? The desk clerk of a sports newspaper said, “The only thing he entertained us with this year was the Big Boss Lunch.

Shinjo serves lunch to the press every day. At first, it became a story, ‘Here’s today’s Big Boss Lunch,’ and it helped improve the team’s image, but …… is now in its third year, and the paper can’t keep up with lunch alone. There were local Hokkaido media outlets, but I’m sure the number of Tokyo-based TV stations covering the event has decreased considerably.”

Running out of material” is a matter of life and death for the performer Shinjo.

After retiring, Shinjo became involved in the entertainment industry, and in his first year as director, he was sought out for various commercials and events. Not only the sports media, but also the wide variety of TV shows covered Shinjo’s every move every day. But that was a long time ago.

Perhaps unable to stand the sight of the deserted venue, Shinjo finally asked for ideas from those around him, “Any good direction? and asked those around him for ideas. …… (laughs) After Shinjo took over as manager, the team finished in last place for two consecutive years. Shinjo must be keenly aware that professional baseball is a serious game where results are everything, and that he can’t maintain his popularity just by getting media exposure like a celebrity.

Shinjo is entering a critical season, having renewed his two-year contract for another year, and if the team does not finish in the top three to advance to the Climax Series, which he has publicly stated he will do, there is no doubt that the manager’s career will come under scrutiny.

It would be great if the team could repay the fans with results for the reduced attention of the camp. ……?

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