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FENDI Ambassador Meguro Ren Takes on Dual Role: Starring in Film While Spearheaded STARTO’s Promotion

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Ren Meguro, who has been so active as to lead the office

On February 1, a press conference was held for Ren Meguro of Snow Man, who will become the Japan ambassador for FENDI,

I got goosebumps when I signed the contract. I never thought I would be able to celebrate this day, so I am very happy.

I’m so happy,” he said. This is the first time a Japanese person has been appointed as a FENDI ambassador. In addition,

“It is highly unusual for a former Japanese celebrity to become an ambassador of a foreign brand at this time of the year,” said one fashion industry insider.

Fashion industry insiders were also surprised.

In fact, many of the “SMILE-UP.” talents were eager to become ambassadors of famous brands, and in some cases, they directly appealed to the staff of the Japanese branch office. However, foreign brands, which are stricter on the issue of sexual assault than domestic brands, of course said “NO. In such a situation, it was a real surprise that Meguro became an ambassador for FENDI.

Furthermore, a fashion magazine insider predicted the reason for his appointment as follows: “He has been working with Hermes, Chanel, and FENDI for many years.

Compared to Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, FENDI’s products are priced a little lower, making them more affordable for Meguro’s fans. The fashion industry has long paid attention to him as a model.

Although Raoul, also of Snow Man, has runway experience in international fashion shows, Kuro is by far the best at motivating users to buy.

Meguro, who is also active as an actor, received the Best Newcomer Award at the “45th Yokohama Film Festival” on February 4. On February 17, it was announced that “Trillion Game” (TBS), in which Meguro played the lead role, would be made into a movie. The film will be released in 2013.

While one after another talents have left the former Johnny’s office, I have the impression that the members of Snow Man and SixTONES have been active for SMILE-UP without missing a single member.

In April, the company will make a new start as “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT,” but I think the message is that “this year, Meguro will be the sole focus of the company. I think this is a message to the idol magazine editors.

In the past, “Snow Man” had been languishing without a debut, but Hideaki Takizawa, who often co-starred with Meguro in his stage productions, pushed them to debut by adding Meguro, Raoul, and Koji Mukai of Kansai Jr. to form a nine-member group.

Fans of the old Johnny’s tend to love the original members. So, there were many old fans who insisted that “Snow Man” had six members and refused to accept the change to nine. But Meguro and Raoul brought in many new fans. Old fans have finally begun to understand that the current “Snow Man” continues to sell millions of copies thanks to Meguro-kun and Raoul-kun.

So fans of the other members do not complain when Meguro takes the center stage in commercials or on regular TV shows, and the fact that the members from the six-member group also receive offers for TV dramas and variety shows is due in no small part to Meguro and Raoul’s leadership.

The drama “silent” (Fuji Television) starring Haruna Kawaguchi aired in 2010, which made Meguro’s fame soar. The drama, which became a social phenomenon and gained a growing number of adult fans, is said to have made Kawaguchi a commercial queen and Meguro an actor on the level of Takuya Kimura.

After “silent,” he appeared in “Trillion Game” as a completely different character. Literally, there were many fans who could not accept the fact that the quiet Meguro suddenly played an oraganic character, but it can be said that he stepped up his game while playing a role with a large swing, just like Kimura.

However, Meguro celebrated his 27th birthday, and Kimura turned 51 last year and joined the ranks of good-looking old men. It is said in the industry that TV stations and sponsors, who are targeting talent that will influence their core target audience, are more likely to make an offer to Meguro than to Kimura.

However, the dominoes of talent leaving the company are still continuing. Is “STARTO” really going to be all right?

The new president, Mr. Jun Fukuda, is known to be running an agent company for a single actress, Noh (formerly known as Reina Noh). ‘I wonder if he will only serve as president for two years?’ and it seems that he has no intention of making the company he has been entrusted with bigger and bigger. If it is such a small company, Meguro may think that he can support it on his own.

It seems that the way of training and managing talents is quite different from that of the former Johnny’s. We will keep an eye on Meguro’s activities this year, and also on “STARTO,” which will begin full-fledged operations in April.

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