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NHK Cancel 8 Johnny’s Program: Fans Express Anger and Rekindled Issue Upon Appearance of Number_i

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The three members of “Number_i” return to NHK

The unit “Number_i” consisting of Shiyou Hirano, Yuta Jinguashi, and Yuta Kishi will appear on “Venue101” (NHK) on March 2, and old Johnny’s fans including “King & Prince” fans are upset.

No, it would be more accurate to say that they are furious. Ren Nagase and Kaito Takahashi have taken over as MCs of “The Boys Club Premium” on BS from “Kis-My-Ft2,” but due to the sexual assault issue of Mr. Kitagawa, the title of the program was changed to “Premise! and the content has just been revised.

However, NHK has decided not to produce the program in FY2012. In other words, their program is over. Fans will not be satisfied with the fact that the three members of Janis who quit the show will be able to appear on it.

The Boys Club” also changed its title to “New Generation! The title was changed to “New Generation!” but the end was announced at the same time, and a total of eight “old Johnny’s” programs, including radio programs, will disappear from NHK this March. There were no plans to revive the “old Johnny’s” programs after April, and it was said that there was no possibility that they would appear on the program as guests. However, the only thing is that “we are really okay with getting rid of all of them,

“Is it really safe to get rid of them all?”

But it is also true that there were doubts within the station as to whether it would be safe to eliminate all of them. Still, the question remained, “Are we really okay with eliminating the old Johnny’s?

The Kohaku Uta Gassen without the old Johnny’s had the lowest viewer rating in its history, but the upper management’s opinion was that the fact that the old Johnny’s did not appear on the program did not affect the ratings. In other words, they decided that there would be no impact even if they were not used.

(Aforementioned director). However, the exclusion of the former Johnny’s was triggered by the sexual assault issue of Mr. Kitagawa, and NHK had announced its policy of not signing any new contracts with its own talent until the company’s efforts to compensate the victims and prevent recurrence were deemed sufficient. This time, too,

“It is probably a judgment that the speed and content of the compensation is not sufficient,” said an NHK official.

But there is another reason as well.

I don’t think NHK has done enough independent investigation into the matter, and no action has been taken against those involved. NHK is most afraid of this, so it was said that they would not use them until the sexual assault issue was completely resolved and the public had forgotten about it.

Then suddenly it was announced that “Number_i” would appear on NHK.

It is true that they are so-called “quit-janis” and have nothing to do with the company “SMILE-UP. However, the president of TOBE, to which they belong, is Hideaki Takizawa, who was said to be the biggest “speoki” (special favorite) of Mr. Kitagawa. Takizawa has made few comments about the former Johnny’s, but there were some fans who said, “It’s impossible for Tackey not to know about it.

Fans who continue to support the former Johnny’s talents may not be convinced, but it is also true that this is an opportunity for talents from “SMILE-UP.” to be able to appear on NHK.

Even though they are “quit-janis,” as one might expect, they cannot start a regular program or a crown show, so perhaps they are waiting to see how the public reacts by having them appear as guests in this way. It is unlikely that they will start their regular programs during this fiscal year, but I guess it means that they have not decided to part company.

Fans are watching closely to see whether this decision will prove to be a good or bad one.

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