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Fumito Kawai, Former “A.B.C-Z” Member, Pursues Variety Show MC Role with Passion for Television

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He was cheerful throughout the shoot.

This passage is about a person who is eyeing the position of idol MC held by Masahiro Nakai (51) and Shingo Murakami (42).

In mid-January, the person seen at a restaurant in Shibuya Ward was Fumito Kawai (36), a former member of “A.B.C-Z”.

“Kawai was filming with Shimasa and staff of ‘New York’ using something like a GoPro. After Shimasa left by taxi, Kawai took a break with an IQOS. Along the way, a girl who seemed to be a fan approached Kawai, and he responded with a smile.” (Eyewitness at the scene)

Kawai is known for his exaggerated impersonations of seniors such as Takuya Kimura (51) and Jun Matsumoto (40) on various variety shows, gaining high recognition in “A.B.C-Z”. However, he abruptly withdrew from the group in December last year.

Although he didn’t appear to be in disguise, he blended in with the city without being noticed by passersby

“When the reason for his departure, citing a desire to have his own MC-hosted show by the age of 40, was announced, it sparked mixed reactions among fans. Recently, he has been making regular appearances on programs such as ‘Gogosuma’ (TBS) and local TV stations, but he doesn’t have a regular spot on a nationwide variety show. However, he has been actively collaborating with popular comedians such as ‘Kamaitachi’ and ‘Saraba Seishun no Hikari’ not only with members of his ‘SMILE-UP.’ group but also on his own YouTube channel.” (Entertainment journalist)

Continues to attract a strong fan base even after leaving the group

Kawai, who showed determination to leave the group in pursuit of becoming a TV MC, has now shifted his focus to YouTube. A television industry insider who knows Kawai explains:

“While Kawai deeply loves television, he also understands that the era of TV is beginning to decline. However, having grown up watching TV himself, he often expresses his desire to give back. He’s currently focusing on building up his own YouTube channel to attract new fans and collaborating with comedians to learn and grow. His ultimate goal is still to become an MC on a variety show, and he wants to gain as much experience as possible until then.”

Kawai has set his final goal on television, even after leaving the group. His love for his fans remains strong:

“Even after leaving the group, Kawai updates his Instagram and a paid membership blog daily to ensure that fans who support him continue to stay connected. While he portrays a comedic character on TV, he’s actually skilled at taking selfies, and among fans, he’s known as the ‘Emperor of Still Images.’ He’s aware of this, which is why he posts many selfies on Instagram.”

Will Kawai’s unwavering love for television and his fans bear fruit in the end?

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