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Shohei Ohtani’s Ideal Marriage Partner Requirements Spark Attention Amid Zero Dating Reports

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Otani responds to a press conference the day after his marriage announcement on SNS. A shy smile appears on his face.

“Um, I guess it’s more about the atmosphere, you know? Being together is fun, and it’s not about one specific thing, but more about the overall vibe being right.”


Shohei Ohtani (29) of the Dodgers speaks happily about his marriage partner. In the afternoon of the 29th Japan time, he suddenly announced his marriage on Instagram. Alongside his beloved dog, he posted a picture on Instagram in Japanese.

As it was late at night on the East Coast of the United States, the media was caught off guard, and ABC, one of the three major networks in the United States, reported this surprising news as “Dodgers star (withdraws) from the (dating) market!”

With attention focused on who his marriage partner could be, the next day, as Ohtani had hinted on Instagram, he responded to interviews at the team facility in Glendale, Arizona, reporting in his own words that his partner is a “Japanese woman he got to know about three or four years ago” and that “they got engaged last year.”

While Ohtani had kept his relationship a secret all along, owing to his status as a living legend in the Major Leagues, there were even absurd predictions last spring in America that he might be dating the songstress Taylor Swift (34). However, it turns out that he was indeed nurturing a deep love behind the scenes.

“He mentioned that being together and having fun was the decisive factor. It was surprising to hear that they had developed their relationship in Japan. He explicitly stated that their relationship had no impact on his impending free agency, indicating that she is someone who respects Ohtani’s baseball career. Although they are currently living together, it’s very characteristic of Ohtani, who values privacy, that he didn’t reveal any words of proposal.” (Sports newspaper journalist)

However, there have been actions that are now being talked about as glimpses into their relationship or marriage.

“On June 30th last year, during his time with the Los Angeles Angels, when he hit his 30th home run against the Diamondbacks, something happened. As he returned to home base, he showed a gesture of kissing his left hand. Some speculated that the kiss on the ring finger might be a message to his girlfriend.” (Same source)

Additionally, he hinted at preferences for taller, athletic individuals, sparking much speculation. One such person was Maiko Kano (35), a former volleyball player whose relationship with Ohtani was speculated upon in 2018.

“She wore the same Tiffany bracelet as Ohtani and was seen attending his games in America. This led to widespread speculation that she fit his type perfectly and could be a potential girlfriend. However, in April 2023, ‘NEWS Post Seven’ reported Kano’s romantic relationship with Terugumi Kiriyama (34) from the group WEST., completely dispelling those rumors.” (Entertainment writer)

Nevertheless, the prediction that his marriage partner would be a former athlete persists.

“If we summarize Ohtani’s preferences as reported by the media, it seems he values tall, athletic individuals who are also modest, sincere, intelligent, and enjoyable company. Especially given his frequent mentions of ‘tall stature,’ it seems to be a non-negotiable requirement. Considering Ohtani’s towering 193cm stature, it’s likely that the woman who matches him in height is likely an athlete herself.” (Same sports journalist)

Regardless of the truth, Ohtani had expressed his desire to get married by the age of 30. While his marriage certainly fulfills this ambition, it’s without a doubt that Ohtani, known for his dedication, has chosen a wonderful partner with whom he shares a strong sense of athleticism.

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