Poisoning of Beloved 4-Year-Old Daughter Unveils Troubled Past and Plans to Move Abroad | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Poisoning of Beloved 4-Year-Old Daughter Unveils Troubled Past and Plans to Move Abroad

Kenichi Hosoya (43) and Shiho (37) "poisoned" their second daughter by giving her a large amount of anti-psychotic drugs, and her husband's own sister died suspiciously.

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Suspect Shiho, captured in a photo with her eldest son, reportedly expressed to acquaintances, “Because of child welfare services, my child has become abnormal.”

The monstrous couple, who were arrested for poisoning their own daughter, were revealed through thorough investigation by FRIDAY magazine to have had a twisted power dynamic, a history of numerous troubles, and a shocking escape plan they had plotted together.

On February 14th, Kenichi Hosoya (43), a hotel owner, and his wife Shiho (37), residing in Asakusa, Tokyo (Taito Ward), were arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police on suspicion of murder.

“The couple is suspected of having administered harmful chemicals and antipsychotic drugs to their second daughter, Yoshiki-chan (4 at the time), resulting in her death last March. In April 2018, Kenichi’s sister also died under suspicious circumstances, and the same chemical substances as those found in Yoshiki-chan’s body were detected in the sister’s. The police are continuing to investigate the connection between the suspicious deaths of the two sisters and the couple.” (National newspaper social affairs reporter)

Kenichi, in response to police inquiries, denies the allegations, while Shihoko continues to remain silent. What kind of people were the couple who took the life of their 4-year-old daughter? Here’s what acquaintances of the couple have to say:

“Kenichi was just a sloppy guy. His home was full of trash, and the bathtub had been broken for about five years without any attempt at repair. He struggled with the company’s finances too. When I met Kenichi last September, he was undergoing voluntary questioning by the police, and I told him, ‘Won’t Shiho be arrested eventually?’

Kenichi said, ‘I have nothing to do with it,’ so I told him, ‘Well, you might end up being an accessory to murder.’ When we last met, I told him, ‘Since Shiho is going to be arrested, you’ll have to take care of the children,’ and he shed tears. But even after that, they seemed to be fooling around as a couple. Kenichi didn’t seem to have control; it was more like Shiho had him under her thumb. If Shiho said no, it meant no; that’s the kind of relationship they had.”

The Hosoya couple had a master-servant relationship. Another acquaintance reveals the peculiarity of their relationship.

“Kenichi was often made to buy Shiho’s cosmetics and prepare her underwear. In March 2019, Kenichi contacted me, saying, ‘My wife set fire to our home and got arrested.’ When they were going to a spa, Shiho got angry because the underwear Kenichi had prepared had mismatched colors, and in a fit of rage, she set fire to the balcony, saying, ‘Don’t compare me to some vulgar woman around here!’

After the arson incident caused by Shiho, their three children were taken into protective custody by child welfare services, and Kenichi was left alone to fend for himself.

“When Kenichi had a meal with Shiho while she was detained for arson, he confided in me, saying, ‘I’m thinking of divorcing Shiho.’ Apparently, Shiho becomes uncontrollable when she gets angry, and in the past, she has consumed kitchen detergent and called an ambulance, or ended up needing police assistance a total of 19 times. Still, in the end, Kenichi didn’t divorce her, saying, ‘I don’t have the confidence to remarry, so divorce is difficult.'” (Same source)

Seclusion at home and immigration plans

Shiho, the suspect arrested for arson, was later released without indictment, and the couple resumed their life together. However, according to a source from “Hosoya Industries,” where Kenichi serves as president, Shiho, who had her child taken away by child welfare services, gradually became mentally unstable.

“Miki had a counselor assigned to her, but even when the counselor came to the house, she would lock herself in her room and refuse to come out. She referred to this as ‘isolation.’ She became irritable due to the absence of children, crying out, ‘The children aren’t coming back!’ Kenichi also says, ‘Shiho can’t endure the absence of children anymore.’ The two gradually convinced themselves that they were the tragic protagonists.”

The Hosoya couple perceived themselves as having their beloved children taken away, while those around them felt that the children were finally protected. Subsequently, the couple began negotiations with child welfare services to regain custody of their children, but encountered further complications.

“Child welfare services presented detailed conditions for returning the children, such as preparing a separate guardian and having Shiho undergo psychiatric evaluation. However, Shiho became impatient when negotiations didn’t go her way, and she forcefully dismissed her lawyer, blaming them for the lack of progress.

However, even the dismissed lawyer was shocked by Shiho’s lies in attempting to regain custody of the children, leading to their resignation. In fact, Shiho and her husband had considered fleeing to Vietnam where child welfare services wouldn’t reach them, even going there for a reconnaissance trip. However, it seems that ultimately, it ended up just being a tourist trip.”

Despite efforts by relatives and acquaintances to convince otherwise, the newly hired lawyer and Shiho managed to bring back their daughter, Miki, against the wishes of those around her.

“Truly, the children should not have been returned to the couple. Those around them are deeply regretful of this incident.”

Despite attempts at persuasion from those around them, the selfish actions of the parents resulted in the tragic loss of Miki’s life. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking case.

Kenichi Kenichi, photographed by FRIDAY before his arrest. On the same day, he disappeared toward Yokohama with Shiho in the passenger seat of his car.
A photograph of the Hosoya couple’s home. The tablets of the deceased Kenichi’s sister were placed at the entrance, along with garbage.

From the March 15, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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