Controversy Over Uekawa’s Appearance, Aso Under Fire for Clinging to Power | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Controversy Over Uekawa’s Appearance, Aso Under Fire for Clinging to Power

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Mr. Aso is about to enter the hospital. His flamboyant fashion sense is still in place, but his skin looks less radiant than before.

The drama “Too Inappropriate!” (TBS) featuring an old man from the Showa era causing a stir with his antics is gaining attention, but Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso (83) only managed to incur resentment with his inappropriate remarks.

Not only did he refer to Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa (70) as old lady, but he also dissed her appearance by saying, “I wouldn’t call her that beautiful.” It sparked a huge controversy. A secretary of a veteran member of the Liberal Democratic Party reveals:

“From the moment he mistakenly called her ‘Kamimura,’ it’s hard to believe he respects Kamikawa. When he himself was serving as prime minister, he took the lead in the ‘Ousting Aso’ movement, fearing that Shigeru Ishiba (67), who was actively supporting Kamikawa, would become prime minister. He showed support for Kamikawa to put a check on Ishiba.”

It seems he intended to convey that the next prime minister would be at his discretion. However, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida declared the dissolution of factions without consulting Aso. Perhaps there was also anxiety about his diminishing influence within the party.

“Aso explicitly stated the continuation of his faction. However, if Aso were to retire now, it might lead to discord within the faction, leaving many members at a loss. The uncertainty about the successor’s election is also significant. The reputation of his eldest son, Masahiro, is not favorable even in his hometown of Fukuoka. There’s concern that if he steps down, the Aso family could lose their seat, creating a situation where he can’t afford to retire.” (same source)

Despite his flashy fashion with his stall and hat, the fallen kingmaker clinging to power lacks aura.

Unpublished photo spread: Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, 83, the Kingmaker, clings to power: Insights into his personal circumstances.

From the March 1-8, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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