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Tortoise Matsumoto’s Legendary Self Revealed in 10th Year Comeback Anniversary Walk

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Matsumoto taking a walk with his dog. It must have been a brief moment of relaxation.

On the afternoon of February 20th, when Tokyo’s highest temperature exceeded 23 degrees, a man was seen enjoying a walk with his dog in a residential area of the city. The man was none other than Tortoise Matsumoto (57), the vocalist of “Ulfuls.”


Matsumoto was dressed casually in a gray jacket and black sweatpants. He walked his dog, Nico, with familiar steps, possibly along his usual walking route. Known for his love of animals, Matsumoto also keeps four cats. Although he appeared somewhat tired, his time with his beloved dog amidst busy work schedules undoubtedly served as precious relaxation. After about 30 minutes of walking, they disappeared towards his home.

Matsumoto made a dazzling debut as the vocalist of “Ulfuls” in 1992. Since resuming activities in 2014, he is now entering his tenth year. Despite reaching his 50s, there seems to be no decline in his activities.

“From 2022 to January 2023, Matsumoto embarked on a nationwide tour. Subsequently, he has been actively participating in local festivals and events almost every month. In May of this year, the 19th annual outdoor solo live event ‘Yassa!’ by ‘Ulfuls’ is scheduled to be held. He continues to live immersed in music,” says a music magazine writer.


Last year brought a personal change as well. At the end of the year, it was reported that my eldest son made his band debut.

“On December 29th, it was reported in ‘NEWS Post Seven’ that my son Ataru debuted as the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band ‘Hashiri commies’ in 2020. Although the band is gaining attention as a promising newcomer in the industry, I still struggle with maintaining a proper distance. In the article, I mentioned, ‘I sometimes think he should write songs like this, but it’s not my place to say.’ Being family while also fellow musicians makes it complicated.

Nevertheless, I believe that my son Ataru’s influence plays a role behind my energetic activities. Known for being a supportive older brother, I gather respect from various juniors. As someone who believes in leading by example, I think the best advice I can give my son is to show him my dedication to music. There’s no doubt that Ataru’s presence has a positive impact on my musical endeavors.”

With the presence of my beloved dog and my dear son as sources of strength, I will continue to enchant many fans in the future.

Enjoying a walk with his dog in tow.
What appears to be an etiquette bag in his hand
Matsumoto walks with a familiar gait.
After walking for about 30 minutes, he disappeared in the direction of his home.
  • PHOTO Takayuki Ogawauchi

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