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Entertainment Agencies Show Interest in Narumi Yasuda’s Daughter’s Public Appearance

Industry insiders are eagerly awaiting the "second generation superstar" in a long time.

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The transparency of her debut is still present today (’18, August 3).

On February 13, actress Narumi Yasuda (57) appeared as a guest on “Tetsuko’s Interview” (TV Asahi) and talked about her happy married life with her husband Noritake Kinashi (61), who has been married for 30 years. What attracted the most attention was the unveiling of a photo of his eldest daughter, the youngest of his three children, who is now 20 years old.

 “Yasuda talked about her 28-year-old eldest son, 24-year-old second son, and 20-year-old eldest daughter, adding humor by saying, ‘They’ve grown up completely, moving on their own.’ She discussed the growth of her three children. Then, the latest shot of her eldest daughter was shown on the screen. It was a single photo of her daughter wearing a hand-knitted hat made by Yasuda herself. Despite showing just one photo, the combination of her father’s gentle demeanor and Yasuda’s looks resulted in a beautiful face. The host, Kuroyanagi Tetsuko, also praised, ‘She’s so cute.’

While Yasuda didn’t share much detailed personal information or career background, it was a bit surprising to see the face of her eldest daughter, who is not a celebrity but rather an ordinary person, being shown on a popular TV program.” Said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Yasuda entered the entertainment industry after being scouted and started her professional career in 1981 with a commercial for Kao’s “Biore.” In 1982, she made her acting debut in the TV drama series “Home Sweet Home” (aired on NTV). In 1983, she was chosen as the image girl for Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” and made her singing debut the following year with the single of the same name. With her clear beauty and singing voice, she became popular.

“As an actress, she has been at the forefront, starring in consecutive dramas such as ‘Oyako Wars’ (TBS) in 1988, and ‘Dōkyūsei’ (Fuji TV) in 1989. She married Kinashi, her co-star from the movie ‘Sorobanzuku’ (1986), in 1994. In the following year, 1995, she caused a stir by withdrawing from her role as the heroine in the NHK serial TV drama ‘Haruyo, Koi’ citing physical and mental exhaustion, but together with her husband, they have overcome such difficulties.

Currently, Kinashi is starring in a consecutive drama for the first time in about 24 years with ‘Haru ni Nattara’ (Fuji TV) airing in the January season. After marriage, Yasuda, who has taken extended breaks for childbirth three times, has had few opportunities to appear on stage. Her appearance on the talk show this time seems to indicate her intention to liven up her husband and family even a little.”

Yasuda is currently affiliated with the agency run by Kinashi, continuing her work at her own pace. It is said that there is keen attention in the entertainment industry towards their eldest daughter.

“The fact that the ‘ban’ on her daughter’s photo has been lifted suggests that Yasuda is not denying the possibility of her eldest daughter engaging in some form of entertainment activity in the future. In an episode of ‘Tetsuko’s Room,’ Yasuda shared stories of urgently returning to Japan during her daughter’s infancy, as she cried incessantly at their home while Yasuda was on location in Italy, and she also mentioned how her husband Kinashi remarked that their daughter resembles him a lot, indicating the deep affection they have for her.

Given that there aren’t many big-name second-generation individuals like her daughter, there are voices from entertainment professionals, including ourselves, expressing sincere desires like wanting or wanting to manage her.”

Similar sentiments are also emerging from the television industry, which is constantly troubled by ratings.

If the eldest daughter were to embark on entertainment activities, whether in dramas or variety shows, it’s certain to generate a lot of buzz. While subsequent success would depend on her abilities, she would undoubtedly be a desirable talent for networks that are constantly chasing ratings. In programming meetings, there are already plans being floated such as, ‘Can we get her to appear in a special program or something similar?'”

In fact, Yasuda is also considered to have high managerial abilities. This is because Kinashi confessed in an interview with the Sankei Sports on January 31st, saying, “Naru-san (Yasuda) produces everything related to me,” revealing that Yasuda plays a significant role in managing various aspects of his career. Furthermore, Kinashi also shared, “We spend every day together, confirming that everyone is moving in a fun direction,” referring to their family of five.

 “From Kinashi’s remarks, it can be inferred that Yasuda is the type to produce not only her husband but also their family. In an interview with Sankei Sports, Kinashi mentioned that Yasuda encouraged him to take on the lead role in ‘Haru ni Nattara’ by saying, ‘Go ahead. You can reschedule the New Year’s annual trip if needed,’ explaining the reason behind his decision.

In that case, it’s natural to consider that the release of their eldest daughter’s photo this time also reflects Yasuda’s top-notch approach, suggesting some form of calculated observation or intention, typical of Yasuda’s style.” (Wide Na Show Entertainment Desk)

Incidentally, Kinashi’s comedy partner, Takashi Okamura (62), has a daughter named Honoka Ishibashi (34) from his former model wife who is also pursuing acting. Yasuda has also highlighted her eldest daughter’s playful character, mentioning on “Tetsuko’s Room” that, “‘When people say she resembles Kenmu (Kinashi), she gets mad,'” which further piques interest. Attention is drawn to the future of these second-generation members of prominent comedy duos, and the recent release of the photo might indeed be part of Yasuda’s production efforts.

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