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Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Complaint Under Fire, Described as Weak and Very Thin by Lawyers and Commentators

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The complaint against “Downtown” Matsumoto Hitoshi has been made public. Harsh criticism continues from experts and others.

As the first oral arguments on March 28 approach, the sexual assault allegations lawsuit against Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi is underway. The details written in “Shukan Bunshun” are

“Based on extremely sloppy investigative activities”

And in the complaint, they claim, seeking ¥550 million in damages.

 Former prosecutor Masaru Wakasa, now an attorney, stated on the 23rd

“【Matsumoto Hitoshi】Analyzing the ¥550 million Complaint by Wakasa! The Trial Seems Unfavorable for Matsumoto”

The trial is against Mr. Matsumoto.

“It’s not clearly stated in the complaint.”

With that preamble,

“What Matsumoto’s side is concerned about is not the presence of sexual activity, but the allegation of its coercive nature as mentioned in the Bunshun article, which is a major issue.”

“They’re not clearly asserting what the problem is. Conversely, I think it makes the complaint weak.”

He analyzed the case. Attorney Wakasa has acquaintance with Matsumoto’s lawyer, Masahiro Tashiro, and even considering it as a complaint drafted by an acquaintance, he still says, “I think Matsumoto is at a disadvantage.”

“Bunshun conducted interviews with Victim A, who has been alleging harm for over three years, for over 20 hours. They obtained information such as the layout of the hotel rooms on-site without prior notice, and even matched Matsumoto’s mobile phone number with both Bunshun and Victim A.

Moreover, it wasn’t a one-sided investigation; Bunshun has been sending factual confirmation questionnaires to Yoshimoto Kogyo each time, but received no response to all of them. While Yoshimoto only announced ‘there are no such facts,’ Matsumoto filed a lawsuit individually, leaving fans and stakeholders feeling that they want some explanation at least, according to insiders in the wide show industry.”

Attorney Wakasa also commented,

“Bunshun is conducting on-site inspections at a level similar to police investigations.”

Former Miyazaki Governor and entertainer, Hideo Higashikokubaru, also updated his YouTube channel Jijihodan TV on the 24th, discussing the fact that Matsumoto’s complaint is 13 pages long.

“Usually, it would be over 50 pages. In this kind of trial, 13 pages is very thin.”

Pointing out,

“Some suggest that they might be aiming to exploit Bunshun’s mistakes without specifying concrete details. However, in terms of truthfulness or public interest, Bunshun seems to have the advantage. From Matsumoto’s side, it feels like they’ve been caught, you know.”

And that’s their impression.


An actress who is often seen working with Matsumoto, the “New Variety Queen,” Anna Murashige, also appeared on “LIVE Connect!” (Kansai TV) on the 24th.

“Even though she said ‘absolutely not,’ in the end, what Matsumoto is saying now is something like ‘I didn’t coerce.’ So basically, he’s lying, right?”

And she commented with a harsh opinion.

Not only commentators but also legal experts are continuously criticizing Matsumoto, who is increasingly finding himself in a tough spot day by day. Depending on the outcome of the civil lawsuit, will he be able to bring laughter back to the living rooms once again?

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