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Tamura Kenji: Popularity in Kansai, but a “tenuous position” in Japan.

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Tamura Kenji was a popular MC in the Kansai area, but in the national ……

The recent situation of comedian Tamura Kenji has been reported.

Momoko from the comedy duo “High Heels” updated her SNS by February 15. She revealed how they had dinner together in New York. Tamura, who is currently based in the U.S., was pictured with Momoko and Seri Iwahori, the model and wife of GLAY leader TAKURO, with a red face drunk on alcohol.

Momoko appeared on MBS radio’s “More and more! High Heel” (Saturday, 1 pm), her partner Ringo asked her, “How are you, Tamuken? When asked how he was doing at that time, he replied, “I was fine,

I was fine.” “I wasn’t fine, but I was fine,” he said.

He said, “I was not in good spirits, but I was fine,” but did not touch on the subject of him any further. Speaking of Tamura, a series of articles on Hitoshi Matsumoto by “Shukan Bunshun” had reported that he was an “attending performer” who “paid up” to Matsumoto for women and had a time called “Tamuken Time. Tamura responded to this on his radio on January 10,

“I have never said ‘Tamuken time’ in my life. I have called them individually and asked them what type of women they are. I have never led a woman to couple with Mr. Matsumoto.

He strongly refuted this. However, on January 12, Emiko Uenuma said on “Uenuma Emiko no Kokoro Haruten” (ABC Radio), “I did not intend to do that,

She harshly criticized Tamura’s words, saying, “It’s a little lousy to say, ‘I didn’t mean it that way.

She harshly criticized Tamura’s words, saying, “I’m not going to e-mail her anymore,

I’m not going to e-mail her anymore. I won’t. I won’t. I’ve decided not to. I’ve decided not to.

I’ve decided not to contact him anymore,” he said. Tamura’s mentor, Uenuma, gave him a hard time about it, and Tamura has not spoken about it since then.

I think he finally understands his position,” said a director of a key station information program.

He had seven regular programs in the Kansai region when he was in Japan, and even had his own TV show.

‘When he was in Japan, he had seven regular programs in the Kansai region, and even had his own crown show.’ In 2006, he opened ‘Charcoal-grilled Yakiniku Tamura’ and currently operates five restaurants. In addition, he also ran a curry store and a used car sales business, and became a successful businessman. At one time, he was rumored to be running for political office, and his statements were influential and popular in the Kansai region.

However, his name recognition in the national arena is probably limited to the impression that he is a one-hit wonder who wears sunglasses and a loincloth and has only one gag, “Cha-“. Tamura, who appeared as a presenter on “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS), seemed to be the most decent, but nothing more or less than that. In other words, there was a big gap between his name recognition and credibility in the Kansai region and nationwide. I think that is where he was mistaken. …… His words may have resonated somewhat with people in the Kansai region, but I have the image that, in the national segment, they sounded like nothing more than excuses.”

It is to be expected that Tamura’s plan has completely failed, as even Uenuma, a leading figure among Kansai comedians, has turned his back on him. A person involved in a Kansai variety show said, “Something similar has happened in the past.

“In May ’16, he updated his Twitter (now X) and complained about being filmed by onlookers while on location. He added, “I guess they don’t realize that they are taking spy photos at all. Tamura also criticized the posting of the photos on the Internet, saying, “I’m sure they don’t realize that they are taking pictures without permission.

Tamura had complained about voyeurism many times before, and some people sympathized with him, but there were also many cold comments such as “I wonder why it makes me angry when Tamuken says that,” and “I wonder if it’s right to complain when he is not that popular. …… He seemed quite shocked by this. At the time, he was immensely popular in Osaka, but he seemed to have been made aware of the fact that this is how it is …… for a national audience.

Seven years have passed since then, and Tamura must be very nervous about the “attending geisha” allegations, just as he was dreaming of new success after leaving all his regular programs to come to the United States.

He may have had too high a self-esteem,” said Tamura.

Even “MC Tamura Kenji,” who is very likable in Kansai, dressed in clothes and smiling at the camera with his assistants, is still “Tamuken” in a loincloth and sunglasses in the national market. Even if he raises his voice and says, ‘Please trust me,’ it is not so easy to be understood, is it?

Tamura should probably wait and see how the trial between Matsumoto and “Bunshun” goes.

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