Tao Tsuchiya shows off her outstandingly beautiful style in a glamorous dress… “True distance” between Tao Tsuchiya and her agency, which is rumored to be “at loggerheads. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tao Tsuchiya shows off her outstandingly beautiful style in a glamorous dress… “True distance” between Tao Tsuchiya and her agency, which is rumored to be “at loggerheads.

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Even after giving birth, her style remains unchanged

On January 17, actress Tao Tsuchiya (29) appeared in a sexy chic velvet dress that boldly exposed her shoulders at the completion preview of “Matching” in Tokyo, where co-stars Daisuke Sakuma (31) of Snow Man, Nobuaki Kaneko (42), Tetta Sugimoto (58), and Yuki Saito (57) took the stage to grace the stage. The film is a movie about a man and his relationship with a woman.

The film is a suspense thriller that opened in theaters nationwide on February 23. Tsuchiya and the other actors’ serious and earnest performances have already become the talk of the town” (movie writer).

Tsuchiya said, “This film is about life. As Tsuchiya said in her greeting, “Please accept this film,” this is an original work in which Tsuchiya’s character, Wahana, a wedding planner who is reluctant to fall in love, is caught up in unimaginable horrors after meeting someone on a matching app.

Tsuchiya surprised her fans on January 1 last year when she announced her marriage and pregnancy with Ryota Katayose (29) of “GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE” and gave birth to her first child in August, and after a six-month maternity leave, this is her first film back, including a TV drama. Naturally, she attracted a lot of attention, but when she appeared on stage, the media was transfixed by the fact that her proportions were as good as ever, despite the fact that she had just given birth.

She is also the talk of the town for her role as the heroine in the movie “The Abominable Detective Who Came Home,” which will be released on May 24. Tsuchiya’s role is said to be an important one, as she may be the daughter of the well-known “Taka & Yuji,” so she is sure to be in great demand after her return. On the other hand, before her hiatus, there were whispers of unsettling speculation.

In September 2009, Tsuchiya’s commercial for Lotte Yukimi Dakufu, in which she had appeared since 2003, was replaced by Nana Mori (22), a junior staff member at the same agency. It was rumored that Tsuchiya’s launching of her own private agency in May ’20 may have been behind this change. This situation led to dissatisfaction with the office…and even reports of her independence.

However, judging from how well she has been doing since her return, it seems that these suspicions were unfounded.

The resumption of her activities at this time was, of course, something that had been in the works since before she gave birth,” said a source close to the entertainment industry. The fact that she is doing so well since her return to work shows that she and her agency had been talking about it for some time. Since the announcement of her marriage and pregnancy came out of the blue, there was a lot of speculation, but I think her future activities are going well.

Tsuchiya passionately stated, “What I want to convey in this film is to see the true nature of people and to carefully connect with them. With the addition of a new family member, Tsuchiya has become a mother, and her “connection” with the agency has probably deepened. Expectations are high for Tsuchiya to further pursue her acting career.

Tsuchiya appeared on stage to greet the audience. On the left is Sakuma, who also starred in the film.
Tsuchiya’s first starring role after giving birth, but she appeared calm throughout the greeting.
She even smiled at times.
Tsuchiya’s beautiful style is still intact.
Tsuchiya smiles with the other speakers.
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