With a monthly income of over one million yen and paying taxes on time… Elite women in the papa lifestyle reveal “Why I started my career”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

With a monthly income of over one million yen and paying taxes on time… Elite women in the papa lifestyle reveal “Why I started my career”.

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Ako says she is popular at a dating club (photo is an image)

There is a girl who is very popular at a dating club, and I was wondering if you would be interested in interviewing her.

An acquaintance told me this story. In a dating club, both men and women are interviewed when they join, and the admission fee and membership fee for men are expensive. Many of the men are wealthy, and the women are not limited to university students and company employees; models, celebrities, and CAs are also registered.

I have interviewed many women who have been active on the “Papa Katsudo” app, but I have never had the opportunity to meet a woman who is very popular at such a dating club. I thought this would be interesting, so I readily agreed to do so.

Outstanding appearance

We met at an Italian restaurant with a private room in Ebisu. Ms. A, 27 years old, appeared there, slender and tall, with a slender style and long slit eyes.

She was born in a certain rural area in Tohoku and stayed in her hometown until college. She was not from a very wealthy family, so she chose a national university that was accessible from her parents’ home and managed to get by on a scholarship. When he moved to Tokyo to find a job, it was just as Corona was starting, and the training at the company he entered was all remote and he had no opportunity to interact with people. Although he was not worried about losing his job, he did not have much time on his hands. Being from a rural area, I had no friends and was in no mood to go out for dinner with my colleagues.

It was during this time that I became interested in “papa-katsu,” which I learned about through social networking sites.

She was interested in “Papa Katsudo,” the world where you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars by dating middle-aged and older men… She immediately took action.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I registered with an app that was getting a lot of attention on social networking sites. I thought “adult” activities were risky, so I started out looking for a partner only for meals.

In fact, there are very few women who are able to engage in “meal-only” papa activities. However, she was lucky and happened to meet a good man.

He was an old man, almost 70 years old, who gave me 20,000 yen for just talking with me for two to three hours at a popular izakaya party or family restaurant. I still see this man to this day. I also met a very wealthy man who is the founder of a famous company that everyone knows. I thought he would be okay, so I met him for the first time in an “adult relationship. He was busy, so we only met about once a month, but I think he paid me about 200,000 yen each time for two years. We parted ways after Corona converged and he moved overseas. This man is the strongest father of all time.

How I got into dating clubs

Around the time I broke up with that person, someone recommended that I should join a dating club, and I decided to interview at a few clubs. I was told that the membership fees were somewhat high and that male members were interviewed before joining, so it seemed like a safe bet.

She was an employee of a major company, had good manners, and was good-looking, so she seemed to immediately catch the eye of the discerning men who were members of the club. She registered with the club on the condition that she would be open to an adult relationship if the feeling was right on the day of the meeting, and that she would be willing to pay 70,000 to 80,000 yen. Offers poured in, and she was contacted by nearly 10 people in one month for several months. During that time, she was earning close to one million dollars a month, including from the people she met regularly.

The public’s perception of girls who engage in daddy’s business is harsh. Some say they are prostitutes, but they are also often scolded because of the large sums of money they earn. The most common criticism is that “you don’t pay taxes. Most of the girls are probably not even aware of it. What about her?

I ask my tax accountant to make sure I pay my taxes. I’ve seen accounts on Twitter where people post that they’ve been paid a lot of money, but I wonder if they aren’t afraid of being caught. Or maybe what they posted is a lie to begin with…”

After all, he is a ground-up company employee, and he is shrewd enough to pay his taxes.

After about two hours of stimulating episodes, the interview came to an end. What I felt throughout the interview was her communication skills. As a man of her age, she did not just answer my questions, but also answered them as appropriate, and she seemed to enjoy talking with me from beginning to end. With a woman like this, it was understandable that some men would pay her a hefty allowance.

However, the real charm of this woman may not be apparent until you actually date her. I asked her if she would be willing to go on a date with me, and she said yes. We exchanged contact information and parted ways that day.

Later that day, I asked her again for a date.

For the details of my date with Ms. A, please see the second part, “Why she is flooded with offers even with high ‘allowance’…I went on a date with an elite daddy’s girl”.

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