Some say, “It’s fine as it is…” Some feel “uncomfortable” with the “SMAP reunion” mood that is spreading in the entertainment industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Some say, “It’s fine as it is…” Some feel “uncomfortable” with the “SMAP reunion” mood that is spreading in the entertainment industry.

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The mood for a “SMAP” reunion is growing here. ……

SMAP reunion.

Such words have been reported in various media in recent days. The strongest headline was in the February 15 issue of “Josei Seven” (Women’s Seven)

Takuya Kimura ready, Masahiro Nakai’s decision: SMAP restart is ‘99% certain'”.

The magazine reported, “Kimura Takuya ready, Nakai Masahiro’s decision.

According to the magazine, the momentum for a SMAP reunion is expected to increase in April, when the former Johnny’s office will completely transfer its talent agency and management operations to “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT,” led by new president Jun Fukuda.

In addition to new president Fukuda’s enthusiasm for the reunion, Takuya Kimura, a core member of the group, will sign an agent contract with STARTO ENTERTAINMENT by the end of March, which will remove the “constraints” on his activities. The magazine also mentions Fuji Television Network and TV Asahi, and reports that executives at both stations are already lobbying for the revival of SMAP. The question now is how the members will react to the reunion offer, but the magazine reports that they have responded favorably, especially Nakai.

Not only in “Josei Seven,” but also in “Josei Jishin” and “Shukan Bunshun,” in connection with the death of the famous producer of “SMAP x SMAP” (Fuji TV). Such a mood seems to be growing in the entire entertainment industry. ……” (Women’s magazine reporter)

The “number one” idol group of the Heisei era is none other than SMAP. The group broke up suddenly in 2004, but the process of their breakup can be viewed as an “accident.

It all started when the late Vice President Mary Kitagawa became furious over an article written in the Weekly Bunshun that questioned the factions within Johnny’s. Mr. Merry called not only the Bunshun reporter but also the chief manager of SMAP at the time on the spot and questioned him. When the details were reported in Bunshun, the SMAP members were furious and planned to leave Johnny’s together with the chief manager.

It was never because of a disagreement between the members, but just a spark that flew. The situation was then further complicated by the fact that Kimura and Nakai remained in Johnny’s office.

Mr. Kimura was the first to announce that he would stay on, which was interpreted by some members and fans as a ‘betrayal. Such a structure has continued to the present day.

On “SMAP x SMAP,” in which Kimura appeared before the dissolution of the group, the leader, Masahiro Nakai, was pushed to the far left and Kimura took his place in the center. Fans called this a “public execution. According to an entertainment reporter for a sports newspaper.

“All of these staging was done by Mr. Merry.

Mr. Kimura was also the one who staged the “public execution” of Kimura.

Mr. Merry passed away in August 2009. Last year, the Johnny’s office itself ceased to exist due to the sexual assault of the late Mr. Kitagawa.

It is true that there are no longer any barriers to reunion. That’s probably why there are so many reports about it.

However, while there are a certain number of fans who would like to see a reunion, there are also those who are reluctant, saying, “Something is different. Nakai, the leader of the group, has gone independent, while Goro Inagaki, Shingo Katori, and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi are now working as “New Map” under the aforementioned chief manager.

A woman who is a longtime Katori fan said

A woman who has been a longtime fan of Katori’s said, “New Map is doing well, thanks to the help of the former chief manager. If this were a struggling group or something, I would think that a SMAP reunion would be possible, but that’s not the case. Shingo-kun is more active now, and I don’t think there is any need for a reunion.

I think it’s better now that Shingo-kun is more active, and I hope they don’t have to reunite.

Kimura’s fans also said

I want to hear the five of them talk, but if things continue as they are, things will become awkward.

I want to hear the five of them talk, but it will be awkward if things continue as they are.

A close examination of the information reveals that the SMAP reunion was not actively announced, at least not by the New Map side.

In fact, when it comes to the reunion ……, who will take the initiative? Will it be Mr. Nakai, Start, or the former chief manager? If they can’t sort out the traffic, it will be difficult.

Some sources say that the friction between Kimura and Katori is more serious than that between Kimura and Nakai. It seems that hurdles still remain in the revival of the national super idol.

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