Actress Yoko Yamamoto passed away…This magazine saw photos of her “passionate love affair with Hiroyuki Okita by 20 years” and “dining with 20 LDP members of the Diet” at the scene. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actress Yoko Yamamoto passed away…This magazine saw photos of her “passionate love affair with Hiroyuki Okita by 20 years” and “dining with 20 LDP members of the Diet” at the scene.

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Yoko Yamamoto, a leading TV drama actress of the Showa era (photo courtesy of Kodansha Archives)

We have learned that Yoko Yamamoto, one of the greatest actresses of the Showa era, has passed away. The cause of death was acute heart failure. She was 81 years old.

She was scheduled to appear on the stage in April, but the sudden news of her death has caused surprise and sadness not only among those involved but also on social networking services.

He made his debut as a Nikkatsu New Face in 1963, but was unable to perform in movies due to the popularity of “Nikkatsu Sanjin Musume” (Nikkatsu Three Musume) including Sayuri Yoshinaga. Later, when she entered TV dramas, her popularity exploded with her innocent beauty and excellent acting ability.

Her roles in “Shiroi Kage” in 1973 and “Kurokureha no Techo” in 1982 were hit hits, and she starred in so many TV dramas that she is considered one of the leading TV actresses of the Showa era. She was also a successful stage actress and was known for her roles in “Ohan” and “Nomadic. She was famous among ocha-men for her commercial character in “Yamamoto Nori-ten,” a company she worked for many years,” said a TV magazine writer.

In her private life, she remained single throughout her life, but she was also known as an actress who had affairs with actors.

In 1973, she was in the news for her affair with Jiro Tamiya, with whom she co-starred in “White Shadow,” and in 1985, she and actor Hiroyuki Okita became the talk of the town for their “20-year age difference. (writer).

In the March 29 issue of “FRIDAY” (March 29, 1985), it was reported that she was in love with Okita, and the two co-starred in “Nida no Sayonara” (Nippon Television), which aired in January of the same year. Yamamoto said of Okita, “Younger girls are cute,

Yamamoto said of Okita, “Younger girls are cute.

Okita said of Yamamoto,

Okita made fun of Yamamoto, saying, “She’s my girlfriend, my sister, and my marriage partner.

Okita was also rumored to be in a relationship with Yamamoto. There were rumors of a relationship, but most people thought it was just to create a buzz for the drama. Then, in March 1985, this magazine spotted the two. A car driven by Okita with Yamamoto in the passenger seat entered Yamamoto’s apartment. They went out again in a cab, went shopping at a department store in Shibuya, and then had dinner together. They looked like a newlywed couple. When they returned home after 10 p.m., this magazine attempted to interview them directly, but they turned their heads away and gave no answers.

Two years after this, they separated, but it seems that Yamamoto, thinking of Okita’s future, stepped aside.” When Okita passed away in 1999, she delivered flowers to his home, and in an interview with the press, she said stoutly, ‘I want to remember (Okita) as a page from my youth'” (an entertainment reporter at the time).

It was February 1987 when this magazine saw her again. It was at a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant) in Akasaka, Tokyo, where a total of 20 LDP members, including Yoshiro Mori, who was emerging as a mid-level LDP member, and Yohei Kono, who had just returned to the LDP, appeared with Yamamoto, who was dressed in kimono, in the lead.

At the time, Mr. Yamamoto was sought out for government public relations interviews and as a bouquet presenter at parties hosted by politicians. The previous year, 15 members of the House of Representatives and seven members of the House of Councillors gathered to form the ‘Association Surrounding Yoko Yamamoto. This was the second meeting, and it was a pep rally for her stage performance starting in March,” said a reporter for a national newspaper at the time.

At the meeting, Councilor Mori, who had met Yamamoto at a golf course, said, “This is a chance for LDP members to meet across factions,” while Yamamoto brought a pamphlet of the play and said, “Please support me. Yamamoto brought a pamphlet from the stage and said, “Please support us.” The meeting ended after about two hours in a congenial atmosphere.

Yamamoto-san is known for her neat image in kimono, but she was also known for her love of mahjong and alcohol, and as a car enthusiast who likes to drive. In her private life, she is quite manly and sociable. It is a pity that she showed no signs of fitness decline even though she is over 80 years old, as we had hoped to see her on stage in April in good health.

We will miss seeing that dignified figure of hers. We pray for his soul rest in peace.

Yoko Yamamoto at 38 (Photo courtesy of Kodansha Reference Library)
Yoko Yamamoto at age 38 (Photo courtesy of Kodansha Photo Resource Center)
Yoko Yamamoto in stage costume (Photo courtesy of Kodansha Photo Archive)
Yoko Yamamoto entering her apartment with Hiroyuki Okita (March 29, ’85 issue)
Yoko Yamamoto at a meeting with LDP members including Yoshiro Mori (center) and Yohei Kono (left) (right, March 6, ’87 issue)
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