A girl who was abused in love by her daddy, “stabbed a man to death in a hotel,” and her shocking behavior after the crime. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A girl who was abused in love by her daddy, “stabbed a man to death in a hotel,” and her shocking behavior after the crime.

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Defendant Fujii immediately after his arrest. He had been engaging in “daddy’s little girl” activities for some time.

The loss of life is a serious matter.

The judge was very concerned about the defendant’s situation, but also showed consideration for the defendant.

She was repeatedly prostituted by men she knew who took advantage of her romantic feelings, and she committed the crime. To some extent, there is room for sympathy for the defendant, and this should be taken into consideration.

On February 20, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Sakata Iichiro) sentenced Haruka Fujii, 26, an unemployed defendant charged with manslaughter and theft, to six years in prison (nine years is the recommended sentence). In January 2010, Fujii allegedly stabbed an 82-year-old man to death with a box cutter knife in a hotel in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Fujii had a boyfriend, A, whom she had feelings for. Fujii had a slight mental disability, but A took advantage of her goodwill and demanded money from her. The quota is 20,000 yen a day. In order to meet his quota, Fujii would go out on the street and talk to strange men.

Whenever there was a problem with a customer, A or his brother would deal with it, and A is said to have said the following in a statement read at the trial In the statement read at the trial, A said, “I had no romantic feelings for [Fujii] and saw him only as a tool for prostitution. In the case in question, Fujii was caught stealing 30,000 yen in cash from the victim’s wallet without her knowledge, and the crime was committed.

In an article distributed on January 26, 2010, “FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the case in which Fujii committed the crime. We would like to reproduce the article and look back on Fujii’s desperate situation and his bizarre behavior after the crime (some parts have been corrected).

He asked her himself: ……

“Would you like to go to a hotel with me?”

On a busy street in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, the woman approached an 82-year-old man, and the two went to a nearby love hotel. The man was found dead about an hour and a half later.

On January 22, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Fujii, whose address and occupation were unknown, on suspicion of murder. He is alleged to have stabbed a man living in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, to death in a hotel room in Ikebukuro between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. on the previous night, January 21.

The two men did not know each other. On the day of the incident, Fujii apparently approached the man and invited him to a hotel room, and a security camera near JR Ikebukuro Station showed Fujii approaching the man while looking around. Inside the room, the two got into some kind of trouble. Fujii stabbed the man in the chest and thigh with a cutter knife he was carrying, killing him.

Afterwards, Fujii checked out of the hotel alone and called 110 from a public phone. He pretended to be a friend, gave his room number, and told the police that he had received a line from an acquaintance saying, “Come here, you’re in trouble. When police officers arrived at the scene, they found the man bleeding and sprawled on a chair. Fujii was a “papa katsu-girl,” a Japanese girl who receives money in return for dates and physical intimacy,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

The Ikebukuro hotel where the incident took place (photo doctored)

Cash was missing from the victim’s wallet. It is said that he got into trouble with Fujii over the exchange of money. Fujii was said to carry a cutter knife with him on a regular basis, perhaps for self-defense in the event of a problem with his “daddy’s” partner.

What is surprising is his behavior immediately after the crime.

Fujii met up with a man she liked, A, and his brother near the hotel. Fujii met A online a few years before the crime, and he had been contributing the money he had earned through “papa katsu” (daddy’s activities).

The three moved to Shinjuku. They entered a karaoke bar in Kabukicho. Was the intention to encourage Fujii, who had caused the incident, by singing? However, according to A’s statement, Fujii was “listless and did not sing much at the karaoke bar.

After leaving the karaoke bar, the three left by cab to the hotel where the incident took place. After leaving the karaoke bar, the three took a taxi to the hotel where the incident took place.

The three returned to Shinjuku and stayed at an Internet cafe. The three returned to Shinjuku and stayed at an Internet cafe, where they discussed the possibility of escaping far enough away to avoid capture. They chose Hachioji in the western part of Tokyo as their escape destination because it was the A brothers’ hometown and they were familiar with the area, making it easy for them to escape.

On the morning of the 22nd, the next day of the incident, the three went to JR Nishi-Hachioji Station by train, but were taken into custody by police officers who were following them as they left the station. Immediately after their arrest, Fujii broke down in tears inside the police car,” said another national newspaper reporter.

The defendant Fujii, who committed the murder, and of course the men who exploited her psychology, are deeply culpable.

Police vehicle believed to be carrying A.
Defendant Fujii immediately after his arrest. She was transported in a short skirt.
Fujii immediately after her arrest.
It appears that she repeatedly engaged in prostitution in order to meet her financial quota from men who liked her (some photos have been doctored).
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