The number of “1,000,000 yen in 3 days” and “screening by having you send a picture of your swimsuit” is rapidly increasing! Fearful tactics of overseas migrant daddy attendants! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The number of “1,000,000 yen in 3 days” and “screening by having you send a picture of your swimsuit” is rapidly increasing! Fearful tactics of overseas migrant daddy attendants!

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In some cases, the attendants arrange not only the flights to the destination but also the meals.

The era of earning money with a “daddy” in Japan is coming to an end.

In January of this year, three men and a woman, including the owner of a dating club, were arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for violating the Employment Security Law by introducing Japanese women in their 30s to prostitution work in Las Vegas, USA.

There are believed to be several groups pimping overseas prostitution in this way, and in some cases, the women accept solicitations in order to repay the large accounts receivable they have made at host clubs. The police are investigating the possibility that antisocial forces are behind the pimp groups.

(A reporter from a national newspaper’s social division) Although overseas migration carries the risk of local arrest for women, Ms. A, who herself has been solicited by an intermediary in a LINE group where “papa katsu girls” gather, says that the contacts from intermediaries never cease.

There are about 260 girls in the group I belong to, and I get solicitation lines from them on an irregular basis. The men who solicit the women say things like, ‘Just spend three days with a wealthy man from overseas and you will receive 1,000,000 yen. The countries offered are China, Cambodia, Arab countries, and so on. It seems that the girls who apply for the job are asked to send pictures of themselves in swimsuits or videos of themselves doing model walks, and the company then decides which girls to hire.

Despite the dubious nature of the solicitation, surprisingly not a few women apply for the job.

The amount of money they can earn is quite different, so girls who have a lot of accounts receivable from their hostesses apply for the job. I also get the impression that girls with strong ambitions to earn a lot of money and become a winner in the world of daddy’s girls are also applying for the job.

In some cases, women are attended to by wealthy overseas visitors to Japan.

Although the authorities and the media are reporting on the dangers of migrating overseas, the psychological hurdle for the women involved is surprisingly low. This is due in part to the solicitation tactics of the attendants. An attendant in the papa’s circle said

Most women get nervous when they suddenly hear that they are going to work overseas. So the attendants not only solicit on line, but also meet directly with the women and tell them that the deals they introduce are not dangerous in any way, in order to build a relationship of trust. In this way, I give the girls a sense of security and let them go abroad.

However, the quality of the attendants varies widely, and there have been many problems, such as women not receiving their pay after returning to Japan, or being forced to engage in sexual acts in the country despite being told that there would be no physical contact. For the women who are looking for a job abroad to be successful, they need to have a good sense of how to find a good attendant,” said one of the women.

If you succeed, you may get rich, but the risks involved are too great.

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