‘Hugging for pick-up’ indecency denied… Soccer player and famous model ‘breathing rough on multiple women’ surprise | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘Hugging for pick-up’ indecency denied… Soccer player and famous model ‘breathing rough on multiple women’ surprise

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The defendant Kitabatake was arrested. He had been known as a soccer player since his school days.

He said, “I approached her from behind and hugged her for the purpose of picking her up, and I did not commit any act that would constitute indecent assault.

The defense denied the indictment.

On February 19, the Tokyo District Court heard the first trial of Atomu Kitabatake, 27, who is accused of indecent assault and other crimes. Between January and March of last year, Kitabatake is alleged to have hugged several women in their 20s from behind and inflicted injuries on them. While the prosecution argued that Kitabatake “went out of his way to commit the crime in an out-of-the-way place,” the defense denied the charges as stated at the beginning of the trial.

FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail the incident that Kitabatake is alleged to have committed in an article distributed on April 10, 2011. We would like to reproduce the article and look back at the circumstances of the trouble in which several women were victims and the unexpected face of the defendant Kitabatake (some corrections have been made).

Huffing and puffing and breathing hard


A young woman’s scream echoed in a residential area late at night. The startled man fled the scene. The woman immediately reported the incident to a nearby police box.

On April 7, 2011, the Setagaya Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of Kitabatake, a model living in Shimoma, Tokyo, on suspicion of indecent assault. After midnight on March 13, Kitabatake followed a woman in her 20s on her way home from a station in Setagaya Ward. When the woman entered a deserted alleyway, Kitabatake suddenly hugged her from behind on the street and touched her.

The woman was breathing heavily and silently as he committed the crime. When the woman resisted and squatted down, she injured her right knee, which will require approximately seven days to heal. Kitabatake was startled by the volume of the woman’s screams and ran away from the scene. Kitabatake was surprised by the volume of the woman’s screams and ran away from the scene. However, the security camera footage led to his arrest. When questioned by the police, he said, ‘I will keep silent.

He has appeared in the media as a model (some photos have been doctored)

Kitabatake is a well-known model who has appeared on television.

He is a well-known model who has appeared on TV. “Born in Osaka, Kitabatake’s family is quite wealthy, and he has enjoyed horseback riding and surfing since he was a child. Since his school days, he was known as a strong school soccer player. In his senior year at university, he was chosen as the “Assist King” of the school.

On YouTube, he introduced himself as follows. I am confident in sports. I am confident in sports. I played soccer in high school and college as a “special sports student. I also played soccer in Australia. According to him, he played professionally in Australia.

This is not the first time Kitabatake has been arrested on suspicion of indecency with women.

In February last year, he was arrested for hugging another woman in her 20s on a street in Setagaya Ward. At the time, he admitted to the charge, but the disposition of the case was put on hold. This is the second time Kitabatake has been arrested.

There had been several similar incidents in the area. The common denominator among all the women was that they were wearing skirts when they were attacked. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was investigating the possibility that Kitabatake may have committed additional crimes.

Kitabatake had a glamorous career as a model and athlete. Will his claim that a “hug for the purpose of picking up girls” does not constitute indecent assault be accepted in court?

Kitabatake denies the charges against him (some photos have been doctored).
Victimized by multiple women (some photos have been doctored)
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