Saraba Seishun no Hikari” Morita is confused… The representative of a luxury watch-sharing company, whose sudden dissolution has caused great confusion among users, is a “childhood friend”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saraba Seishun no Hikari” Morita is confused… The representative of a luxury watch-sharing company, whose sudden dissolution has caused great confusion among users, is a “childhood friend”.

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Saraba Seishun no Hikari” (Farewell, Light of Youth) Tetsuya Morita, who holds a molook in his hand instead of a luxury wristwatch.

The luxury watch sharing service “Tokématch” announced its sudden termination at the end of January, causing confusion. The company operating the service is an Osaka-based limited liability company called “Neoreverse,” which was dissolved on January 31 along with the termination of the service.

The “Tokematch” service is a matching service that brings together owners of Rolex and other luxury watches with customers who want to rent them, and the owners receive a monthly deposit fee. Neoreverse says it will arrange for the return of watches entrusted on its website within six months, but owners are voicing their concerns.

As of February 10, at least 730 watches (worth a total of 1.6 billion yen) had not been returned, and the situation has attracted attention, including the formation of a victims’ group on social networking sites. In addition, Tetsuya Morita, 42, of the comedy duo “Saraba Seishun no Hikari” (Farewell, Light of Youth), has been the victim of the scandal.

Morita and the company’s representative, Keisuke Kominato, were classmates in junior high school. They lived in the same apartment complex, and in 2010, they had an interview in “Qualitas,” an information magazine for business executives (published on November 30, 2010).

The interview began with a surprise when Morita, who was not informed of the interlocutor in advance, recognized Kominato and was surprised to see him again after 25 years. In the dialogue, Morita describes Mr. Kominato’s personality as ‘because he is a good person. Kominato talked about business theory, such as the importance of information transmission, and concluded, ‘My dream is to build my own building.

Currently, an Internet-distributed version of this article has been uploaded to SNS on several summary sites. Morita herself also appeared last year on the information program “Lavit! (TBS) program last year, Morita himself became a topic of conversation when he purchased a vintage Rolex made in 1957 for 4,880,000 yen.

Tokkematch has increased its name recognition through aggressive media strategies, such as information programs. The interview with Mr. Morita was a part of that strategy, but because of his popularity, he became conspicuous in a bad way. It seems that even a month before the dissolution of the company, they were campaigning for people to deposit their watches. There is a possibility that this will become a case in the future, including the possibility of a planned bankruptcy, and many people on SNS are concerned about Mr. Morita,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

The Sharing Economy Association, an industry group of which Neoreverse is a member, announced that it had withdrawn its membership from the company, which had received 110 inquiries by the 16th,

The association is committed to cooperating with the users.

The association is committed to cooperate with the users of the watches and clocks. The watch industry as a whole has been hit hard by this incident. Toru Yoshiyama, president of Yohkichi Group Inc., which specializes in the purchase of luxury watches with annual sales of 60 billion yen (as of February 2012), said, “I am not sure if this was a viable business in the first place.

When we first heard about this business model of leasing luxury watches, people in the industry were like, ‘How can this be a business? When we first heard about this business model of leasing luxury watches, the industry was like, ‘Can this be a business? In the beginning, we started by leasing watches priced at 2 to 3 million yen, but when Patek Philippe watches priced at 30 million yen began to appear, we said, ‘It’s about time we took a risk. Because if there was someone who wanted to steal it, a 30 million yen watch could easily reach his hands.

There is no easy way to do this, because there is a time lag before they find out if you sell it during the lease period. In the case of used watch buyers such as ourselves, we receive watches worth 20-30 million yen from our clients or have them sent to us by mail, and we transfer the cash as soon as we receive the actual watch. Even so, there is inevitably a time lag. In this industry, where several hundred million yen is often entrusted, trust is extremely important. The “Tokematch” problem is a major blow to the watch industry, where business is based on trust.

President Yoshiyama said that such problems are likely to occur more and more in the future, as high-value items can now be freely bought and sold on sites such as Mercari and other flea market apps and websites. He also cautioned against this.

I want everyone to make sure to look at the company’s information,” he said. Is the registered address in a large building? Does the company have a legal advisor, tax accountant, or laborer? Does the company have a large number of employees? Do they have megabanks as client banks, evaluation by Teikoku Databank, etc.? Since you are asking for a high-value watch, we would like you to carefully assess its value as a company.

Currently, Neoreverse and Mr. Kominato cannot be reached. This publication contacted Neoreverse to inquire about the whereabouts of Mr. Kominato and the status of the return of the watches, but received no response by the deadline. Is there any possibility that the watches will be returned to the users?

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