Tokyo Hoteleson is ranked in the top of the “Number of TV Appearances” ranking! What is the reason for Tokyo Hotelison’s great breakthrough among the best-sellers? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tokyo Hoteleson is ranked in the top of the “Number of TV Appearances” ranking! What is the reason for Tokyo Hotelison’s great breakthrough among the best-sellers?

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Takeru (left) and Shogo (right) of “Tokyo Hoteson” are slowly gaining popularity among the TV audience.

The “Ranking of the Number of TV Program Appearances” (surveyed by Nihon Monitor Inc. and Wire Action Inc.) is released annually.

In the 2011 ranking, “Lavit! (TBS), and Akira Kawashima of Kirin, who has become an accomplished host, came in first place. (Fuji Television Network), and all three are indispensable to the TV audience. While many of the celebrities we often see on TV made the list, a few unexpected comedians also made the list.

While successful comedians such as the two members of Chocolate Planet and Toshiaki Kasuga of Audrey ranked high on the list, what is interesting is that Tokyo Hotayson Takeru ranked 8th, edging out Kamaitachi’s Kenji Yamauchi, who ranked 9th, by a four-run margin. His partner Shogo also ranked 12th. Many people seem to be surprised by the ranking, but it is probably understandable when you look at the shows they appear on, the material they perform, and their characterization.

Compared to the other members at the top of the list, Tokyo Hotelison seems to be less active as a comedian. Some may question the rank, but Tokyo Hotelison is more active on morning and afternoon programs than on primetime programs.

The morning slot program, “Lavit! (TV) and “Tensai Terebikun” (NHK E-television), both popular with children, and in Okayama, where he is from, he is a regular on the community-based information program “Nanshon? (Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), a community-based information program in Okayama, Takeru’s hometown, and many other programs loved by the local community.

The reason why Tokyo Hotayson has appeared on so many TV programs is because of the easy-to-understand comedy of Takeru and the macho, handsome, and slightly clumsy character of Shogo. The impact of Takeru’s sharp wit is easy to understand, even for children and the elderly, and is sure to be well received. Shogo, who has won a body contest, also has a lot of support from female fans because of his well-trained muscles and good looks.

In addition, Takeru attracted attention when she helped Sakiraku Inoue, the only female runner to complete the 100-km survival marathon, which was the highlight of “FNS 27-hour TV” (Fuji Television Network). However, the runners and announcers who had already reached the goal were just watching on. The only one who ran up to him was Takeru.

Viewers praised him for this scene, saying, “He looks so kind, but he was really kind,” and “It’s cool that he ran up to them before anyone else did.

The two members of Tokyo Hotelison have been active in a variety of fields, and their unique projects on their YouTube channel have also been highly praised. Perhaps in the next few years, they will be in a position to become MCs on a national variety show.

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