No lessons learned from the fatal accident… Taylor Swift’s “Water Problem” that also occurred at her Japan concert” – Shocking Details | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No lessons learned from the fatal accident… Taylor Swift’s “Water Problem” that also occurred at her Japan concert” – Shocking Details

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Behind the great performance, there was a “problem” (Photo/Afro)

Taylor Swift (34), the American singer who won the “Best Album” award at the 66th Grammy Awards for the fourth time in her career, performed in Japan from the 7th to the 10th of this month at Tokyo Dome on her world tour, attracting 220,000 people in four days.

Her Japan tour alone generated an economic impact of 34.1 billion yen and was dubbed “Swiftonomics,” but there is also talk about her after her Japan tour.

After her performance in Japan on the evening of the 10th, she flew to Haneda immediately afterward and returned to Japan by private jet. He watched the 58th Super Bowl, which decides the champion of the professional football league (NFL) in the U.S., held in Las Vegas on the 11th (local time). Taylor watched from the stands as her boyfriend, Travis Kelcey (34), won the game for the Chiefs, and after the game, it was widely reported that the two embraced and shared their joy on the field, making the Super Bowl the talk of the town.

Fans from all over Asia gathered at Tokyo Dome for the show, as Japan and Singapore in March are the only Asian stops on their world tour, which runs from March of last year through December of this year.

The uneventful performance in Japan allowed Taylor to rush to the Super Bowl site as scheduled. However, if something had happened, she would have refrained from watching the game,” said a source from the record company.

This time, the concert was held in Japan immediately after the Grammy accomplishment, but before that, the tour performances were held in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, from mid to late November of last year. On November 17 (local time), a tragic accident actually occurred at the Rio concert.

The temperature at the time of the accident was 43.8 degrees Celsius (59.7 degrees Fahrenheit), which was extremely hot for an outdoor performance. Nevertheless, due to security issues, it was prohibited to bring bottles containing liquids into the concert venue. As a result, many people became dehydrated, and nearly 1,000 fans collapsed before and during the concert.

When Taylor noticed that the audience members were collapsing, she stopped the performance and instructed her staff to distribute bottles of mineral water to the audience members. However, a 23-year-old woman who had collapsed from a heart attack never returned home. Taylor issued a statement of condolence and postponed the next day’s performance. She then invited the bereaved family of the deceased woman to her performance in Sao Paulo at the end of the month.

The “water problem” was the worst accident of all, and Taylor was heartbroken, but the problem was not resolved at the Tokyo Dome concert.

Taylor’s performances lasted nearly three and a half hours each day. The air conditioning in the Tokyo Dome is set to 18 to 20 degrees Celsius in winter, but it was so dry that it made me thirsty even if I kept quiet. And even more so if you are dancing or singing along to a song.

However, for security reasons, no cans, bottles, or PET bottles are allowed inside the venue. The only way was to buy them at the concession stand inside the dome, but we could not buy them because all the stores were closed after the show started. There were water servers set up throughout the venue where you could drink water from paper cups, but there were long lines at all the servers.

Therefore, there were many “water refugees” in the surrounding seats who could not drink anything until the end of the performance. After the accident in Rio, the management should have paid more attention to the “water problem. Taylor’s performance was superb, so I was disappointed in that respect.

Although the lessons learned from the Brazilian performance were not applied, fortunately the Japanese performance did not lead to an accident. So Taylor was able to come to support her boyfriend. Since the band will be performing in Europe this summer, we hope that they will take all possible measures against the “water problem.

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