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WHITE SCORPION Serialization [Part 2] ACO: “We can’t lose to K-POP idols.

A special series of articles on the true faces of the idol group "WHITE SCORPION," produced by Akimoto Yasushi, has begun!

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The idol group “WHITE SCORPION” (White Scorpion), produced by Akimoto Yasushi, was formed through the “IDOL 3.0 Project,” an audition that ran for about six months from April ’23.

They debuted on December 7, 2011 with the single “Gaze Sniper,” and their third single “Emergency Measures” was released on February 7, 2011.

A special series of articles on the girls’ personal lives has begun.

In this second installment of the series, we present a long interview with ACO!

ACO was born on May 30 in Okayama Prefecture.

First “setback” at an audition camp

─ You made your debut with the digital single “Gaze Sniper” released on December 7 last year.

I felt like I was making my debut when I was invited to appear on a TV show. I was really nervous because there were so many cameras. Since my debut, a lot of people have seen my music videos, and I have been interviewed and filmed for articles such as this one on ……, which makes every day very enjoyable. Interacting with fans is also very encouraging. The other day at a handshake session, someone said to me, “You are even prettier than you were at the time of your audition. I thought it might be because I have become more conscious of being seen. I am not really aware that I have become more beautiful (laughs).

───What made you want to become an idol?

I have always really liked Nogizaka46. I have been studying classical ballet for a long time, and there was a time when I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer. But if I wanted to be a professional ballerina, I would have to be based overseas, and it was difficult to do that while living in Japan. When I realized this reality and thought about what to do with my future, I realized that I had been encouraged by Nogizaka46, and now I wanted to be someone who could encourage others. It was around the end of my junior year of high school, a little over a year ago now.

What made you fall in love with Nogizaka46?

A friend of mine from junior high school was a big fan of Nogizaka46 and recommended me to watch their various performance videos. Even after she graduated, I still liked her, and she always gave me power.

─ Have you ever auditioned for idols?

Before auditioning for WHITE SCORPION, I auditioned for Nogizaka46’s official rival group “Boku ga mitakatta aozora” and made it to the third round. So this was my second idol audition.

─ ─ You are now a member of WHITE SCORPION, but looking back on your audition before becoming a member, what was the most memorable moment for you?

There are many things, but the thing that made me the happiest was having my publicity photo taken. I was nervous because it was an opportunity I had never had before. I was happy because I felt like I had become a bit of an idol. The other thing that really left an impression on me was the training camp. It was very tough, but looking back on it now, I have good memories. At first we were rivals, but through the camp we became good friends. I remember a girl who didn’t make it to the final round of the competition said to me, “Keep up the good work! and they continued to send me messages, and we are still good friends today. When my debut was decided, she sent me a very long message (laughs).

─ What do you feel you have grown through the audition process?

I think I gained the ability to keep going until the end, even when I stumbled and seemed to be on the verge of giving up. I know this may sound overconfident, but before I became an …… idol, there was nothing I couldn’t do. Even if I couldn’t do something at first, after a little practice and getting the hang of it, I felt like I could do anything. But during the training camp for this audition, I couldn’t remember any of the dances. I was the slowest among all the groups we were assigned to. It was the first time in my life that I stumbled. It was a shock, but I was still able to keep practicing desperately, so I think I grew up a little bit.

─ When I hear that you used to dance ballet, one would think that you would be a quick learner.

I had a hard time because I had some ballet habits,” he said. I would get muscle aches and pains, and I would suddenly think, ‘Why am I doing this?’ I was also thinking, ‘Why am I doing this? But I knew I wanted to be an idol, and I wanted to give the energy that Nogizaka46 had given me to someone else.

─ You have just debuted, but what do you think are your unique strengths that other idols don’t have?

I have just debuted, but what do you think are your unique strengths that other idols don’t have? Even at handshake events, I respond to my fans by being all out silly (laughs). (Laughs.) But because I am not like an idol, I would like to hone my new personality. I would like to be a bit of a jerk to each and every one of the people who come to my handshake events (laughs). I think idols generally try to show their “cute selves,” but I want people to think, “This girl has a nice personality,” rather than “She’s cute. I want to push the line between being an idol and a comedian (laughs).

Her dream is to become a world famous comedian.

According to her official profile, her special skills are “classical ballet, running, and being able to move my ears.

According to her official profile, she is good at classical ballet, running, and being able to move her ears. I am good at long-distance running. I can move my ears like this (laughs). It seems that people with muscles from the Jomon period can move their ears!

─ ─ Your hobbies are “visiting sweets, traveling, watching TV dramas and movies.

I have a huge sweet tooth and love all things sweet, like coffee jelly and cakes with lots of whipped cream on top. I am currently addicted to cheesecake, and I am probably happiest when I am eating cheesecake (laughs). I got into cheesecake about six months ago because of LAWSON’s Basti (Basque-style cheesecake), but I didn’t think I could make my debut, so I ate it five times a week and my face got all puffy (laughs). (Laughs) Now I am very careful!

─ What about your hobby of traveling?

My parents love to travel, so they have always taken me to various places, and I have come to love traveling as well. Shirakawa-go, which I visited when I was in kindergarten, left a strong impression on me. I climbed a mountain and saw a view so beautiful I thought it was a painting. The year before last, I went to Poland to study ballet, and I thought it would be nice to go abroad. The next country I would like to visit is France. I would like to visit the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa with my own eyes.

─ I also enjoy watching TV dramas and movies.

I watch most of the dramas in each season. My favorite drama from the previous season was “Ichiban Sukina Hana” (The Most Loved Flower). I also like “Saiai” (Saiai) from earlier seasons. I haven’t seen many movies recently, so I hope to find time to go to the theater soon. My favorite actor is Tasuku Emoto. I liked Emoto-san after watching his drama “Shiranai Koto” (“I don’t need to know”).

─ What is your dream that you would like to achieve in the future?

As a group, I want to be active on the world stage. This is something I will never give up. I would love to see WHITE SCORPION advertisements on …… in various places around the world. Right now, K-POP is very active around the world, isn’t it? Seeing the success of K-pop, I feel that as a Japanese idol, I can’t lose.

─ ─ What are your personal dreams and goals?

I would like to work hard as a member of WHITE SCORPION first, and after I am successful, I would like to be in a TV drama someday. I would like to be in medical dramas and morning dramas, and I would also like to try my hand at variety. I would like to become someone who can balance things out like Rino Sashihara-san, and I think it is important to gain a variety of experiences in order to get closer to that goal. By the way, Sashihara-san is amazing, isn’t she? She produces idol groups, writes lyrics, and even produces cosmetics and color contacts. I’m sure she uses her time very well.

─ ─ “Balance” is the key word, isn’t it?

My current challenge is that I have nothing but 0s and 100s. Sometimes I am very confident, and sometimes I am not confident at all. It shows clearly in my dancing, so when I am not confident, my dancing becomes small. I want to improve that and become a person who can properly balance. If I can maintain balance, I will not be depressed more than necessary when things happen in the future, but I will be able to reflect on what I need to do. I would like to acquire “well-balanced confidence” from now on!

Born on May 30 in Okayama Prefecture.
Hobbies: Visiting sweets, traveling, watching TV dramas and movies.
Special ability: Classical ballet, running, can move my ears

  • Interview and text by Kazunori Okubo Photographed by Masaru Kumaki Stylist Yuri Kasahara Hair & Make-up Shiho Kato

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