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After Contract Termination of Ae! Group’s Problematic Members Expected Debut

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A Jr. group from Kansai, the “Ae! group”, a Jr. group from Kansai. What do Richard Kusama and Seiya Suezawa think after the popular Fukumoto left the group? ……

A unit within Kansai Jr. group, a unit within Kansai Junior, announced an “important announcement” at the end of a YouTube video distributed on February 6. The group announced that they would be broadcasting live on FAMILY CLUB online from 5:00 p.m. on February 18, the group’s 5th anniversary. The members were pushing hard for the audience to “watch it to the end” and “definitely,” and fans are anticipating the debut announcement.

The Ae! group urgently announced the live distribution at the end of the video on their YouTube channel “Junior CHANNEL” (released on April 6). As a first attempt, the group will perform the stage play “We are Ae! group” that was performed by the group five years ago, and will be performed in a new version for the year 2012.

The main performance will last about an hour, and an after-talk is scheduled afterward. Yoshinori Shomon said, “Please come to the end. The other members also said, “Please watch it for real,” (Akiya Sano) “Please watch it until the end. Definitely! (Seiya Suezawa).

If you purchase a ticket for 2,500 yen, you will be able to watch the live broadcast and the missed broadcast (as soon as it is ready – 23:59 on the 18th) on the FAMILY CLUB online. Many people are expressing their delight at this opportunity to enjoy the event on an “equal” footing.

On November 3 last year, the “A! group made a surprise appearance at the school festival of Osaka Public University and gave a secret live performance. The school is the alma mater of Daiharu Fukumoto, who was a member of the group until December 30 of last year, and he personally negotiated with the university to participate in the event. However, the Ae! group’s appearance was announced just before the performance, many fans were unable to make it to the event and had to wait to see the video posted on SNS to find out what happened. Those who were able to attend the event were able to see the A! group for “free” and were allowed to take pictures, the fans on the Internet started booing loudly.

On the other hand, the live distribution was met with a lot of controversy on social networking sites,

On the other hand, the live distribution of the “A! group’s formation day, the after talk of “See it to the end! Aftertalk ……” from the live distribution on the day of the formation of the Ae!
I’m sure they’ll announce their debut at the after-distribution talk.
I’m sure this will be the debut announcement at the after talk of the live broadcast. I’m also curious about the fact that it’s being streamed on FAMILY CLUB online and not YouTube. Could it be his debut?

A number of people have voiced their predictions.

This is because the Ae! group is said to be the closest group among the junior members to make their CD debut. group is the closest to a CD debut among the junior members. Group” will debut, “but various “uneasy elements” are being whispered among the people concerned…” (original text).

The article stated, “Only a few people are aware of the timing of the announcement. However, a representative from Universal Music has been appointed, and preparations are already underway for their CD debut.

Furthermore, according to the July 27, 2011 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” (Bungeishunju), the Ae! group was scheduled to be a special supporter of the volleyball World Cup to be held from September of the same year.

In the past, the former Johnny’s office (now “SMILE-UP.”) had a tradition of assigning groups such as Arashi and NEWS to be special supporters of the volleyball tournament, starting with V6 in the 1995 tournament, and then followed by their CD debuts. However, in response to the sexual assault case of the late founder of the company, Johnny Kitagawa, some of the participating countries protested strongly, saying, “If Johnny’s idols are involved in the tournament, we will cancel their participation. This led to the decision to drop the A! group’s withdrawal from the competition was reported by “Bunshun” (a former entertainment writer).

After that, the former Johnny’s went through a name change and established STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, a talent management company. At a time when the company itself was about to be reborn, the birth of a new debutante group was thought to be premature. ……

On December 30 of last year, the office announced to A! group, Fukumoto, was found to be ‘in breach of compliance,’ and announced the termination of their management contract. The members who were believed to have been having problems have left the group, and preparations for their debut are now complete.

On the day of the live distribution, will the fans who are waiting for the debut be disappointed or will they be celebrating? ……

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