Famous Artists Help Prove Ineffective for Tegoshi Yuya’s Latest Solo Album, Facing Tough Results With Zero Sense of Crisis. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Famous Artists Help Prove Ineffective for Tegoshi Yuya’s Latest Solo Album, Facing Tough Results With Zero Sense of Crisis.

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Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi says his personal activities are fulfilling, but…

Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi left the former Johnny’s office (now STARTO ENTERTAINMENT) on June 19, 2008, and made his solo debut the following year. He is still actively engaged in music activities and released his second mini-album “Kizuna -Kizuna-” on January 24 this year. However, when Oricon’s album ranking was announced the other day, the weekly record was less than 5,000 copies. The severe current situation has appeared in the numbers.

Tegoshi made his independent debut in November ’03 with “NEWS Nippon. At that time, the group consisted of nine members, but after members left the group, it became a four-member group in 2011, consisting of Tegoshi, Shigeaki Kato, Keiichiro Koyama, and Takahisa Masuda. Since then, Tegoshi has been active in variety shows such as “Sekai no Hate to Itte Q” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), and has become the “face” of the group, showing off his high singing ability in performances.

On May 26, 2008, Tekashi voluntarily refrained from activities because he had been drinking alcohol during the period when a state of emergency was declared due to the spread of the new coronavirus. He left the office on June 19 without returning to the group.

Tekashi held an emergency press conference on June 23 after leaving the office. He talked about the reasons why he left the office and his future activities. During the press conference, he declared that he would continue to focus on “singing,” which is what he had always been committed to. On July 7 of the following year, she released her first digital single “Cinnamon” from For Life Music Entertainment and made her solo debut.

Since then, Tekashi has been consistently performing live and pushing forward on his path as a solo artist. His latest mini-album “Kizuna -Kizuna-” ranked 6th in the Oricon Daily Album Ranking dated January 23 and first appeared at 9th in the Weekly Album Ranking (February 5). As expected of former NEWS member Tekkoshi, the album made it into the top 10 with flying colors. ……

According to the “Weekly Ranking,” album sales were a rather lonely 4,989 copies. SixTONES, who is Tekashi’s junior, made their CD debut in January 2008, and their latest album “THE VIBES” was a big hit, selling 497,000 copies in its first week. Their latest album “THE VIBES” was a big hit with 497,000 copies sold in the first week, and their sales even exceeded the first-week record of Tekashi’s new album,” said an entertainment writer.

Tekashi’s album is also digitally distributed, and according to Oricon’s weekly digital album ranking, it was downloaded 916 times and ranked second. Perhaps many fans listen to music via distribution, and this one seems to have fared better in terms of ranking. Four Life Music’s X (formerly Twitter) account also reported that “Kizuna” was No. 1 in the weekly ranking (album and high-resolution album category) on the music distribution site Recochoku.

He uploads videos of him singing at concerts and other events on his YouTube channel, “Yuya Tegoshi Channel,” and the number of views is usually in the single digit million range. On January 24, he released the music video for “Gluttony,” a song from his new album, but as of February 9, it had only 150,000 views.

However, the production of this album involves gorgeous artists. Tekashi is the MC for a regular program called “Supepla Tekashi” (Space Shower TV), and this album is a collaboration album with songs provided by artists he met on the program.

The album is a collaboration album with artists he met on the show, including Yudai Takenaka and Kaito Yamada of the rock band Novelbright, Shunichi Tanabe of BLUE ENCOUNT, and singer-songwriter Chiaki Mimura, Fans posted their impressions of the tour on social networking sites. He must be supported by his devoted fans, including those who have followed him since he left the office.

On his Instagram page dated February 2, he wrote about the live concert, “I’m fulfilled” (original text). He may be satisfied with his current situation, but considering the potential he possesses, it would not be surprising if his numbers were even higher. Expectations are high for his future activities.

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