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Analysis Reveals Favorite Dramas Among Viewers, Universally Supported

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The top 3 drama stars in the ratings. But the true popular drama is ……?

As we approach the middle of February, many winter dramas have entered the midpoint of their seasons. As is often said these days, most viewers do not watch dramas on time. As is often said, most viewers do not watch dramas on time these days, making it difficult to determine the true level of success by looking at viewer ratings alone.

Therefore, we interviewed media representatives familiar with drama productions to find out how they judge support from viewers, which cannot be seen from viewer ratings alone. The results revealed an unexpected “true hit drama.

One TV magazine editor told us the following.

As you know, the number of people who watch dramas on free subscription services such as TVer has been increasing significantly in recent years. Especially among the younger generation, who are increasingly turning away from TV, it is common for them to watch dramas on their PCs and smartphones, and it is believed that many of them are watching them on TVer.

Therefore, we include not only drama viewer ratings but also TVer’s favorite subscriptions ranking as a factor in determining hits. Then we see something interesting: ……”

What exactly does this mean?

A near reversal is taking place between the top-ranked dramas in viewer ratings and the top-ranked dramas in TVer’s favorite subscriptions. For example, the top three dramas in terms of viewer ratings ……, “Sayonara Maestro ~Father and I Apassionato~” (TBS) starring Hidetoshi Nishijima and Mana Ashida, “Tonari no Nurse Aide” (NTV) starring Rina Kawase, and “Great Gift” (TV Asahi) starring Takashi Sorimachi. (TV Asahi) starring Takashi Sorimachi, but these are all outside the top 10 in TVer’s ranking.

On the other hand, although there are whispers that romance dramas are “wacko” these days due to their lack of viewer ratings, many of them are ranked high on TVer. In particular, “Kimi ga Kokoro ga Kiteru Kara De (Because You Gave Me Your Heart)” (Fuji TV), starring Mei Nagano and Hiroki Yamada, which has been talked about as “the decline of the romance series Geki 9,” is doing well, ranking in third place. The number of registered viewers has exceeded 1 million, indicating that the show has gained considerable support from “non-on-time viewing” viewers.

Even “Kekkonkatsu 1000bonnokkou” (Fuji TV), whose viewer rating has been in the 2-3% range, is ranked 8th on TVer. Both in terms of ranking and number of registrations, it is above the top-ranked dramas in terms of viewer ratings. When compared in this way, it can no longer be said that a drama is OK just because it has good viewer ratings,” said a TV magazine editor.

This means that dramas with decent ratings and good TVer rankings are those that are supported by a wide range of viewers. Which of these dramas is it? scripted by Kudo Kankuro, a.k.a. Kudo-kan. But in fact, there was another drama that was also supported.

It is “New Airport Occupation” (NTV), starring Sho Sakurai. The ratings dropped for the episode that coincided with the broadcast of the Asian Cup soccer tournament, but other than that, the ratings remained in the 6-7% range, which is a good performance. TVer is in second place with more than 1 million registered viewers. TVer is in second place, with more than 1 million subscriptions, and has recently been overtaken by “It’s Not Even Inappropriate! (TBS) recently overtook it as the top drama series of the season.

The “New Airport Occupation” is a sequel to the “Daihyoin Seizetsu” that was broadcast in the same slot last year. It was set up as a hard-boiled detective story with a plump Sho Sakurai, but it unexpectedly received favorable reviews, such as “The slapstick action is very Bruce Willis-like, and conversely, it has a good sense of reality. The story is also a speedy examination, and it was a big hit on social networking sites.

Sakurai, a member of the popular group Arashi, has always had a certain number of “fan viewers,” but his unexpected affinity with the work also won him support from the non-fan base. As a newscaster, she has been in the spotlight due to the unpopularity of her simmering attitude, but I can sense that she has a stubborn streak.

However, the story of the winter drama is yet to begin in earnest. Which drama will have the last laugh? We will have to wait and see.

TVer ranking and number of favorite registrations are as of February 12.

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Hidetoshi Nishijima (April 10, ’20 issue), who is noted for his father-son role with Aina Ashida in “My Neighbor Maestro”.
Rina Kawae in “My Neighbor the Nurse Aide” (June 7, 2007 issue)
Takashi Sorimachi in “The Great Gift” broke new ground with his role as a dull pathologist (August ’22)
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The portrayal of the “Showa era” in the film became a hot topic of conversation on the Internet news (from Official X).
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