The shocking details of the “mass prostitution” of 200 female college students that enraged Kim Jong-un | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The shocking details of the “mass prostitution” of 200 female college students that enraged Kim Jong-un

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Kim Jong-un is issuing a series of execution orders. The people are horrified (Image: Kyodo News)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been issuing a series of executions.

He is feverishly cracking down on anti-socialist activities. Those who engage in “sexual misconduct” or “drug use” will be severely punished. According to a resident of the western province of Pyonganbuk-do who was interviewed by the U.S. media outlet Radio Free Asia, three people have been executed in the province alone this year.

Mr. Gao Yongqi, editor-in-chief of Daily NK Japan and an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said, “In the past, I have appeared in adult films.

In the past, there have been cases of executions of actresses for appearing in adult films, but it would be unusual for the government to crack down so harshly on executions. This is a phenomenon that has not been seen in recent years.

According to Mr. Gao, there was an incident that triggered Kim Jong-un’s decision to impose stricter punishment. The shocking revelation came in July last year. In July of last year, a shocking discovery was made that approximately 200 female students from a prestigious university had been engaged in organized prostitution at the Munsuwon leisure facility in Pyongyang.

There is good work.

The first floor has a large bathhouse and swimming pool, while the second floor has a family bath and beauty salon.

The first floor has large baths and a swimming pool, while the second floor has family baths and a beauty parlor. “Male and female couples need a marriage certificate to use the family baths. However, anyone can use them if they pay a bribe. Since there are no accommodations in North Korea where ordinary people can easily stay, pre-marital lovers and adulterous partners used to use them.

The person in charge of the facility that was tacitly approving the sexual activity turned his attention to people in the education sector. They colluded with professors at the Pyongyang University of Music and Dance and the Pyongyang University of Theatre and Film. They solicited female university students in their early twenties to work as prostitutes at a karaoke bar in the facility, saying that they had a good job where they could earn more than $500 (about ¥53,000) a month. The customers were officials of the central government and the Pyongyang City Party (Pyongyang City Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea). Mr. Gao, who was interviewed earlier, said, “The education authorities told the university, ‘We’re not going to let you do this.

The education authorities ask universities to pay a quota called ‘economic work. Many universities pass the quota on to their students and force them to give money and goods under various names.

The professors who colluded with the Monjuin must have looked at the feet of the female students who were in trouble because they were begging for money from the university. The situation came to light and the catalyst for the exposé was a tip-off. A female student who was forced to perform sexual acts reported the incident, not knowing that the ‘job’ she was offered was prostitution.

Kim Jong-un was furious at this group prostitution. Article 249 of North Korea’s Penal Code, which refers to the crime of prostitution, states, “Those who engage in prostitution shall be sentenced to labor and discipline for up to one year. Those found guilty of serious crimes shall be sentenced to labor indoctrination for up to five years. Four officials of the Pyongyang City Party and two mediators were shot dead in public. About 50 female university students were disposed of.

It is hard to say that this incident was the only reason for the stricter crackdown, but it is true that Kim Jong-un felt threatened by the disturbance in public morals.

Kim Jong-un has vowed to thoroughly enforce the “Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Ideology and Culture. It is likely that severe punishments will continue to be handed down for disturbing sexual morals.

  • photo Kyodo News Agency

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