Nanako Matsushima’s “Too Bold in a Blue Jacket” brings joy to her fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanako Matsushima’s “Too Bold in a Blue Jacket” brings joy to her fans…!

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Nanako Matsushima at the Cannes Film Festival (AFLO)

Actress Nanako Matsushima’s “too beautiful blue jacket” is the talk of the town. The official Instagram account of the drama “SUPER RICH” in which Matsushima appears released a photo of her, and comments such as “too cool”, “beautiful”, “too eye candy” and “beautiful! and “beautiful!

The drama “SUPER RICH” will start on October 14th and will be broadcast on Fuji TV’s Thursday Theater. The popular actress Noriko Eguchi plays the role of “Glacier Ye,” the wild female president of a venture company. According to the drama’s official website, it is a “completely original drama that depicts the roller coaster ride of a career woman’s checkered life as she pursues the “super rich” form of happiness.

In the drama, Matsushima plays a senior colleague of the main character. She plays the role of Satomi Shimatani, an overly beautiful super career woman. She is the director of a major IT company, MEDIA, and is said to have nurtured the main character after she joined the company as a fresh graduate.

The official Instagram account of the drama recently released a photo of Matsushima and Keita Machida. Machida is playing the role of Sora Miyamura in the drama. He is set to be the human resource manager of a venture company and plays a role like a secretary to Mamoru.

Matsushima is sitting cross-legged on a leather-like, single-shade chair. The design is a bold combination of blue and checkered patterns, but she wears it well. Standing with his hands on the chair is Machida. He is wearing a calm colored jacket.

The official Instagram account left this comment on the photo.

What is the relationship between these two that caused such a stir at the end of episode 7?

There’s a lot more to come in this drama. ……? I’m not sure what to make of it.

It is said that she has had her third breakthrough since “Housekeeper Mita” in 2011, and it is rumored that she will soon be chosen to star in a series of dramas. Her husband, Takashi Sorimachi, has also decided to leave the TV drama “Partners,” and “she may be getting more motivated from a family financial standpoint. We can’t take our eyes off Matsushima more and more. ……!

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