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Tamura Kenji’s Silence on “Tamura Ken Time” Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Tamura Kenji, who once denied the allegation but was also pointed out in further Bunshun gunfire for his “Tamuken Time”.

Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto is stuck in a state of limbo as he prepares for a civil trial with “Weekly Bunshun” for alleged sexual assault, but on the other hand, the lawsuits from women show no sign of stopping.

The February 8 issue of Shukan Bunshun carries new testimony from an 11th woman. The 11th woman, a “junior comedian whose books have exploded in popularity,” appeared in the article and pleaded for Matsumoto’s hand.

If the reports are true, Matsumoto often thinks that he can prepare a luxury hotel room, serve snacks and chu-hai, and have sexual intercourse with the women after a certain time. From a woman’s point of view, it would be difficult for her to say, “Yes, I understand,” when she is told by a junior colleague to “go ahead and do it” without being seduced by the man himself…. …” (A reporter for a women’s magazine)

Meanwhile, Tamura Kenji, who had always been favored by Matsumoto, was once again pointed an arrow at him, and he again said, “I had my Tamuken time.

“There was Tamura Kenji time.

A woman reportedly claimed that she had “had some Tamuken time,” according to Bunshun. In the middle of a drinking session, Tamura

It’s time for our annual Tamuken time!

And then, in another room…

“Who would you like to be with today, Mr. Matsumoto?

in a separate room. According to Bunshun, this confirmation process is called “Tamuken time.

However, Tamura said on his radio in the U.S. last month on the 10th

I have never said ‘Tamuken time’ in my life. I had called him individually and asked him what type of person he was. I have never led a woman to couple with Mr. Matsumoto.

He strongly denied this. There is a big difference when you look at the fact that the woman’s side testified that it was a “regular occurrence.

Even with such concrete testimonies, Tamura completely denied that he had led the women to “Tamuken time. A person involved in entertainment production analyzes the reason for this as follows.

Tamura-san is like Matsumoto-san’s ‘prefect’-style pupil. He entertains Mr. Matsumoto in Osaka and has drinking parties with the ladies. He served as a role model for his younger colleagues, who were given jobs as long as they contributed to Mr. Matsumoto and were loyal to him.

He was often invited to Mr. Matsumoto’s shows not only in Osaka but also in Tokyo. That is probably why other junior members of the company were also attending so desperately to sell.”

Perhaps because of Matsumoto’s backing, Tamura quit his affiliation with Yoshimoto Kogyo in 1919 and switched to an agent contract. During negotiations, Tamura said

I will do my best to make a contract that sets a good example.

Tamura wrote on her Instagram. However, this was perceived as an attempt to spread the agent contract to other comedians, and it is said that this caught the attention of Yoshimoto executives.

Now that Mr. Matsumoto is gone, Tamura-san is afraid that he and Mr. Matsumoto may sink together if he allows attendance and “Tamuken time. Since there was only testimony and no physical evidence, he was probably defending his position. However, although he denied it, he seems to be so exhausted that he can’t even pass a meal.

Tamura has been active in the entertainment world, making full use of her “relationship” with Matsumoto, and has also developed a wide range of businesses, including a yakiniku restaurant. However, it is sad to note that Matsumoto has not made any comments in his favor at this point.

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