Fake Masseur’s Devious Tactics: Stripping Unresisting Clients Under False Pretenses of Treatment Interruption for Indecent Acts | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fake Masseur’s Devious Tactics: Stripping Unresisting Clients Under False Pretenses of Treatment Interruption for Indecent Acts

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Arashima (left), the re-arrested suspect (from the official website of “Fermata”)

One wonders how many female customers have been victimized by fake masseuses.

On February 1, Yuji Arashima, 45, the owner of a relaxation salon “Fermata” in Nara City, was re-arrested by Nara Prefectural Police, Nara Station, on suspicion of non-consensual sexual intercourse for indecent acts against a female customer under the guise of treatment.

Arashima is suspected of having committed indecent acts last August, such as inserting his fingers into the pubic area of a female customer in her 30s who was undergoing an oil massage treatment. On August 10, he was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault for touching the breasts of another female customer in her 20s, but he denied the charge, claiming that it was just part of the treatment. However, during an interrogation after his re-arrest this time, he said, “I got horny while I was touching her body, so I committed an indecent act. He has committed similar acts many times in the past,’ and he admitted the charges.

Fermata, a hotbed of sex crimes, was established in 2005. At the store, Arashima and two female staff members offered bodywork, body care, foot pressure points, intestinal massage, aroma massage, and other services. However–.

The suspect had experience as an orthopedic rehabilitator and sports trainer, and had knowledge of bodywork, but she was not a licensed massage therapist. Despite this, when he found a female customer taking a bodywork course who had a type he liked, he would recommend an oil massage, saying, ‘A massage after bodywork will enhance the effect. The store’s website stated, “We have both male and female staff, so if you have a preference, please let us know,” but Arashima made an appointment when the female staff was not available.

When a female customer agreed to a massage, he had her change inside the store, wearing a toweling tube top on her upper body and shorts on her lower body.

The suspect applied oil to the woman’s entire body with his bare hands, gradually reaching into the nooks and crannies. During the crime, he would check on the women and when they did not say anything or show any signs of resistance, he would escalate the situation further. While dripping oil on the woman’s lymph and underarms, he would pull down one side of her tube top, saying that it would interfere with the treatment, and if she did not try to hide it, he would pull down the other side and fondle both of her exposed nipples and breasts.

If the female customer did not object, he would slip down her shorts and underwear to expose her pubic area and touch it with his fingers.

While he would not commit the crime against female customers who showed even the slightest sign of resistance, Arashima is said to have committed the indecent acts to his heart’s content against unresisting female customers. What was being performed at the community-based massage parlor was a malicious “treatment” that took advantage of women’s fear of being locked in a locked room.

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