The three heroines of 3 o’clock, “location to location,” the busy scene of the popular ones! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The three heroines of 3 o’clock, “location to location,” the busy scene of the popular ones!

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! harikomi24 〈Shiba Daimon 16:25〉.

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Yumeci (left), Fukuda (center), and Kanade (right) walk through the streets of Shiba Daimon with the film crew in tow. They are going to a hospital location.

The comedy trio “Heroine at 3:00” had their breakthrough last year and continued their rapid progress this year. Their leader, Maki Fukuda (33), and two of their comedians, Yumecchi (27) and Kanade (29), have been appearing in dramas and movies, and their activities are not limited to comedians.

One day, I saw them at Shiba Daimon (Minato-ku). I wondered if they were on location for a hospital. Dressed in flashy colored costumes, the three of them walked into the hospital side by side. When the filming was over, the three of them got on a location bus to NHK. From here, they headed into the station to see if they would be filming again.

But after a while, Fukuda came to the entrance of the station and was waiting for someone. He was greeted by a delivery man. Fukuda received his lunch and went back inside the station.

On that day, Fukuda had appeared in a live talk show before filming, so she had to work continuously from morning till night,” said a TV station insider.

Even though he was tired, he did not let the staff go and pick up the delivery himself. I hope he stays the same even after he becomes a big name comedian!

Unpublished cut from the magazine: The three heroines of 3:00, rushing around on location after the talk show
Unpublished cut from the magazine The three heroines at 3:00 are busy on location even after the talk show.

From “FRIDAY” December 10, 2021 issue

  • Photography Junsei Todoroki

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