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Shizuka Kudo’s “Too Bold in Brown Bathrobe” Delights Fans!

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Shizuka Kudo having a friendly chat with Koki in between photo shoots.

National idol Shizuka Kudo has been getting a lot of attention after she posted a photo of herself in an overly bold brown bathrobe on her Instagram account. This is the first time I’ve seen her in a bathrobe. She is too beautiful.

In the photo, Kudo is wearing a bathrobe and drinking from a paper cup, and we can’t help but be surprised by her skin and slim body, which we can’t believe she is 51 years old. It must be the result of her daily efforts.

It looks like Kudo was filming a music video, and this photo may have been taken in between takes. Kudo wrote the following in his post.

I’m filming the music video for “From the Island,” which will be released on December 2nd. Miyuki Nakajima wrote the lyrics to “From the Island,” which is a wonderful song that allows the listener to think freely, just like reading a book.

From the Island” is a song written by Miyuki Nakajima and arranged by Kazumi Seo. The song was written by Miyuki Nakajima and arranged by Kazumi Seo. This is the sixth song Nakajima has written for Kudo in the past 13 years since “Night Wing/Snow Umbrella”. Nakajima sent a message to Kudo saying, “I wrote a song that I really want the current Shizuka to sing.

Kudo also uploaded a video to this post.

This picture is still in the process of being drawn, but it was inspired by the phrase “the whirlpool of stars I couldn’t see” (from Kudo’s Instagram).

The video is a shot of Kudo’s painting. The video shows Kudo’s painting, which is very artistic, with seven colors of paint spread out like fireworks. The video shows the painting and then Kudo himself appears, smiling at the camera. The smile on his face is very impressive.

The Kimura family, including Kudo, is doing very well right now. Koki, the second daughter, was suddenly cast in the lead role in the movie “Cow’s Head Village,” and Cocomi, the eldest daughter, made her debut as a voice actress in the animated movie “Nikuko-chan at the Fishing Port. They have also attracted worldwide attention and are ambassadors for global brands such as Chanel for Koki, and Dior for Cocomi. Her husband, Takuya Kimura, will also appear in the international drama “THE SWARM”. The drama is said to be entirely in English and was being filmed in Italy until the other day.

More and more, I can’t take my eyes off Kudo. ……!

  • Photo Yusuke Kondo

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