Fans rejoice at Nanao’s “too bold black see-through dress”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Nanao’s “too bold black see-through dress”!

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Nanao at a jewelry event (AFLO)

Model and actress Nanao has been making a big splash on her Instagram account with her “too bold black see-through dress.

She is wearing a black sheer lace dress. The post contains an Instagram account for the fashion brand Alaia, and it appears that Nanao is wearing the brand’s “Lace and Leather Long Sleeve Dress”. The price is said to be 1,394,800 yen.

It’s a high neck long sleeve dress that fits the curves of your body. The delicate lace gives a sensual peek at the skin. The hand-woven leather details and ruffles create a sophisticated style” (official store website).

Nanao is sitting with her arms over the back of the sofa, lightly brushing her hair with her hands. She is sitting on the back of the sofa with her arm over the backrest, lightly brushing her hair with her hand. The expression on her face as she stares at the camera with crisp eyes makes me nervous. I’m sure there are many fans who are fascinated by Nanao’s cool atmosphere.

Nanao has been very busy this year as well, playing the difficult role of a yankee office worker in the movie “Hell’s Garden” released in June. She was also a big hit in the Sunday drama series “Tokyo Mer – Run Emergency Room” (TBS) that started in June, in which she played the role of a skilled nurse. The average household rating for the last episode was 19.5% (Kanto area, according to Video Research), an astounding figure, and a sequel is already expected.

The movie in which he appears, “Doryu no uta Final,” is currently in theaters. The movie is based on a comic book series that has sold over 9.5 million copies in total, and this is the third movie in the series. The story is about Reiji Kikukawa, played by Toma Ikuta, who is appointed as an undercover agent named “Mole” and infiltrates a yakuza organization. Nanao plays Hu Fong, a hitman of the Chinese mafia.

The film also features some sexy action scenes by Nanao. In an interview with a magazine, Nanao said, “It was tough to wield a two-meter whip in a scene where the height and width were limited.

As an actress and model, Nanao never stops evolving, and we can’t take our eyes off her more and more. ……!

  • photo AFLO

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