The handsome men who sing in “Poka Poka” every day! A six-member group, all over 30 years old, with “weed spirit” in their hearts! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The handsome men who sing in “Poka Poka” every day! A six-member group, all over 30 years old, with “weed spirit” in their hearts!

We meet the vocal group "SHOW-WA," a group that has been attracting attention for its performances that revive Showa-era songs in Reiwa style! We take a close look at the new group produced by Yasushi Akimoto.

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SHOW-WA / From left: Shinjiro Terada, Keishi Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Mukaiyama, Masaki Shiota, Jun Aoyama, Yuta Izutsu

A new group that is attracting attention as a “unique group of handsome men.

Age is no barrier to starting something or taking on a challenge. I want to share with you the six of us who have decided to take on a challenge.

The members of “SHOW-WA,” a new group produced by Yasushi Akimoto, spoke with such strength. The six members were born from the “Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams” audition, which was held to revive Showa-era songs in the Reiwa era and to energize Japan! audition” to revive Showa-era songs and energize Japan in the 2025 era.

They are currently singing their original song “Kimi no Ojisama” live every day at the ending of the TV program “Poka Poka” (Fuji TV, 11:50~ every Monday through Friday).

In addition to their visual and singing abilities, the six members are also notable for their varied backgrounds. We asked them what made them decide to audition.

The leader, Shinjiro Terada (40), is also active as a cookery researcher.

Terada: ” When I came to Tokyo in my 20s, I originally wanted to do music. The SHOW-WA activities have been a challenge for me for the past 20 years.

(Left) Terada is the oldest member of the group and is like an older brother to the other members / (Right) Yamamoto, a calm and collected character, is the leader of the group

Kashi Yamamoto (35), a dependable MC, has experience as a valet and actor.

Yamamoto: ” After graduating from high school, I studied in the U.S. for about five years and started my entertainment career there, but it didn’t budge. …… After returning to Japan, I studied as an actress’s valet and performed on stage and in dramas. I learned the joy of performing on stage, where you get a direct reaction from the audience, and that’s why I decided to participate in this audition.

The two are the oldest members in the group. Their presence that leads all the members is indeed impressive.

Tsuyoshi Mukaiyama (35) joined SHOW-WA after working with the a cappella group “Gut School” (a regular on “Hamonep”) and the vocal group “SOLIDEMO” (disbanded in 2010).

Mukaiyama: “I have had the frustrating experience of not being able to seize the opportunity when it was just one step away, even though I had the chance to sell in the groups I had been a member of. I really love singing, and I want to sing until I die.

(left) Mukaiyama has experience as a professional singer / (right) Shiota worked as a salaried salesman

Masami Shiota (32) has been pursuing his dream of becoming a singer while working as a salesman for major companies such as Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance Co. She is the main vocalist of SHOW-WA.

Shiota: “When I was a university student, I won a music audition. At the time, I chose to find a job instead of pursuing music, but somewhere in my heart, I still had regrets. This time I had a chance to audition and started working as SHOW-WA. I like to joke around as much as any of the other members, but I am allowed to play an orthodox position in the group (laughs).

As both have experience in music, the duo plays a central role in their performances.

Jun Aoyama (36) is a former professional soccer player who played for powerful J-League teams such as Nagoya Grampus and Cerezo Osaka.

Aoyama: “I started playing soccer in the second grade of elementary school and played professionally from the age of 18 to 28. Although I have only played soccer, I believe that I have been able to transmit my earnest attitude through my playing. I jumped into the unfamiliar world of music because I wanted to convey my passion to everyone through entertainment, not by playing.

(Left) Aoyama, who was a popular and handsome soccer player in his playing days / (Right) Izutsu, one of the younger members of the group, is a well-loved character

Yuta Izutsu, 32, who soothes the hearts of fans with his charming smile, was a former TV technician who worked as a camera assistant and sound man.

Izutsu: “Ever since I was a child, I had a vague yearning for the world of television. Because of my shy nature, I initially went into the backstage world instead of being a performer, but I couldn’t let go of my longing. I thought I only had one life, so I took the plunge and auditioned. Now I’m singing live on a noon live broadcast, and my dream of over 30 years has finally come true!

The two are popular for their friendly charm, and their poses are perfectly in sync with each other.

It has been about six months since SHOW-WA was formed on July 25, 2011. 6 members were selected after winning auditions of over 3,000 applicants, but 4 of them had almost no experience in music. Mukaiyama and Shiota, who had experience in music, were the ones who led the members during the auditions.

Yamamoto: ” At first, I was so nervous that I couldn’t even pass a meal because I didn’t know what to expect. Mukaiyama and Shiota really helped me out.

Terada: ” During the audition training camp, I was so focused on the task at hand that I couldn’t sleep or eat. I didn’ t know who would be accepted or how many people would be accepted.

Mukaiyama: “We started practicing with simple hand gestures and steps at first, and everyone practiced very hard. I am happy that we are now able to show our performance on TV.

Aoyama “I still don’t really understand it…”

Izutsu ” As expected, let’s understand a little! (laugh)

Shiota: ” Fans say that Aoyama-san is cute in the way she can’t do things, so maybe she doesn’t need to grow up (laughs).

Valuing hospitality to fans above all else

The members always spend time together as they sing live on the TV program “Poka Poka” on weekdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays they go on ion mall tours around the country.

Mukaiyama: ” Since we get to sing every day, I think the members have become more aware of each other, ‘I want to make this person look like this, so I’m going to act like this.

Terada: “I see the honest reactions of people who see us on TV for the first time on SNS. At first, I often received comments like, “You are still not good enough,” but recently I have received more and more warm comments. It makes us happy to know that our efforts are being conveyed, and it directly affects our own motivation.

Shiota: ” Everyone is ego-surfing (laughs). Shiota: “Everyone is ego-seeking (laughs). Because we are doing it in a muddy way, I wonder what kind of response we will get. I’m curious about what kind of response we will get .

Izutsu “The people who come to Odaiba to watch “Poka Poka” live also come in spite of the cold weather, which makes me tense up. I feel that I need to improve my skills even more.

The six members’ friendly atmosphere soothes their fans.

They are determined to push forward with their goals of ” Reco Dai and Kohaku ” by the end of this year, and they have a word from Yasushi Akimoto to inspire them.

Yamamoto: “Mr. Yasushi Akimoto said, ‘It is the experiences of not selling well or having bad luck that bring out the flavor, just like the curtains of a ramen shop that are left out in the rain. These words make me think that everything we have done up to now has meaning.

Shiota: ” Everyone in SHOW-WA is over 30 years old, but we can take on challenges at any age. I think this is true not only in the entertainment industry but also in any other world. I want to show everyone who watches us how wonderful it is to never give up on your dreams through singing and dancing!

Aoyama: ” In a word, I have a ‘weed spirit. I would be happy if you could feel my passion to crawl up no matter how much I get knocked down.

Terada: “I hope you can see how we, who have different backgrounds, work hard as one group. We are six people who value hospitality more than anything else, so we will never let you lose interest in us. With that in mind, we will continue to do our best. Please support us!”

Keep your eyes on SHOW-WA in 2024!
  • Photographed by Takahiro Sezu

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