Rina Sasazaki, a new freelance announcer, is rumored to appear on “Sanma Goten,” and is rumored to be revealing a taboo episode about a married couple. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rina Sasazaki, a new freelance announcer, is rumored to appear on “Sanma Goten,” and is rumored to be revealing a taboo episode about a married couple.

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Became a freelance announcer and appeared in “Odoru, Sanma Goten! Sanma Goten! Rina Sasazaki is sure to appear on “Odoru! How will she answer Akashiya Sanma’s question?

Many women who were active in the entertainment business when they were single became “ordinary people” after marrying a celebrity from the former Johnny’s agency. According to the rules of the agency, only actresses in the leading roles were allowed to continue their activities after marriage as they had done when they were single, and even Shizuka Kudo had to cut back on her entertainment activities for a long time.

Rina Sasazaki, 31, a former NTV announcer who announced her marriage to Yuichi Nakamaru (40) of KAT-TUN on January 16, updated her Instagram Stories on January 26. She revealed her transition to freelance in the form of a quote from the magazine CLASSY’s Stories. She also reported that on the 31st, she will start a series of articles online for the magazine.

She left the company before announcing her marriage to Nakamaru-kun and deleted all her social networking posts. There were reports that she wanted to be a housewife, so I thought she was going to join a family as a “normal woman,” but I was surprised that she agreed to a long interview in a women’s magazine.

When the marriage was announced, she had left Nippon TV, so the sports papers and other media referred to her as “sanzuke,” which is a Japanese word meaning “three. We journalists also thought that Ms. Sasazaki would be like the wife of Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi fame. That is why she was referred to as ‘Rina Sasazaki,’ but it seems that she will be working as a freelance announcer in earnest from April onward.

(Idol magazine writer) Her husband, Nakamaru, remained an “idol” when he took the stage in public for the first time after their marriage, and when reporters asked him about his marriage, he finally did not answer their questions,

Even Noriyuki Higashiyama, who is married to a former Johnny’s employee, is allowed to talk about his children, but he is not allowed to talk about his wife, Yoshino Kimura. This is out of concern for fans who are in pseudo-love with the celebrity, but Ms. Sasazaki, who is neither an actress nor a singer and may appear as a freelance announcer in a variety of talk shows, cannot be allowed to “not talk about her husband. (Staff member of a program production company)

(A staff member at a TV program production company).

Sasazaki is still remembered by viewers for the controversy over the fact that his offer of employment with Nippon TV was rescinded because he had worked in a cabaret club in the past. Many people are familiar with his “bullishness. Sasazaki probably received the interview offer before his marriage announcement. His boldness is also attracting attention.

She is a very popular topic of conversation, and her first appearance will be on “Odoru, Sanma Goten! Sanma Goten! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), a program in which freelance female announcers frequently appear. During the so-called “SMAP” riots and last year when the former Johnny’s office was shaken up, Akashiya Sanma asked Takuya Kimura for his opinion, exchanged lines with Daisuke Sakuma of “Snow Man” and invited him to a blind date, etc. His words and actions have attracted the attention of “Johnny’s” fans. The “janiota” have been paying attention to his words and actions.

After keeping their relationship a secret for so long, it was also Sanma who easily made public the fact that cookery expert Miki Mama is Koyama Keiichiro’s sister. It is extremely likely that he will ask Sasazaki a lot of questions by mentioning Nakamaru’s name. SMILE UP.” will also not say, “Don’t use that one,” as was the case with the former Johnny’s.” (A person involved in commercial variety shows)

Sasazaki, who is currently not sending out messages herself but is appearing on the Instagrams of junior announcers, may resume Instagramming in the future. Will there really come a day when she and Sanma will be able to talk about their collaboration and their married life together? ……

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