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Suzu Hirose’s “too bold see-through shirt” makes fans happy!

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Suzu Hirose at an event for a cosmetics company (AFLO)

Actress Suzu Hirose is the talk of the town for her “too bold see-through shirt with her stomach showing”. The official Twitter account of “Leisure Treasure,” a photo book commemorating the 10th anniversary of Hirose’s debut, released the image. “Suzu-chan is wonderful,” “Kyawaii,” “Aww !!!! Cute !!!!!” This is the first time I’ve been able to do so.

The photo book “Leisure Treasure” will be released in February next year. It was shot over a period of three years by photographer and film director Yoshiyuki Okuyama. It will be priced at 3,850 yen and will include two special postcards.

The official account has just released a photo of Hirose taken on the beach. Hirose is wearing a white see-through shirt and bright red pants. The wind was blowing so hard that her shirt was hanging open, exposing her stomach and inner chest. It’s a very bold shot.

She is holding a basketball in both hands with a smile on her face. She is a former basketball player and a member of the Jordan family of Nike’s Jordan Brand. It’s a sport that is inseparable for Hirose.

The official account attached this meaningful text to the photo.

We’re preparing a special announcement.

This sent the fans into a tizzy. “A special announcement…?” What is it?” “I’ll wait and see. What the hell is going to happen now!

The other day, Hirose made headlines when she announced the release of her own 2022 calendar. The calendar was photographed by actor Eita Nagayama.

And in 2022, she has already been cast in the movie “Nagare no Tsuki”. The movie is directed and written by Lee Sang-il and co-stars Matsuzaka Tori and Yokohama Ryusei. You can’t take your eyes off Hirose, who is sure to be very active next year. ……!

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