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Restaurant Owner Allegedly Assaults Teenage Woman After Closing His Restaurant

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The suspect, Isobe, denies the charge, saying, “I thought there was consent.”

Four hours had already passed since the store closed.

The suspect man and the female victim were the only two people in the store. The man’s hands were on the woman’s body.

The man’s hands were on the woman’s body! I don’t want to!

Despite the woman’s refusal, the man showed no sign of concern and did not stop.

By February 4, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Nerima Police Station had arrested Masahiko Isobe, 47, a restaurant owner in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward, on suspicion of non-consensual sexual intercourse. In the early hours of last December, he sexually assaulted a female acquaintance, Ms. A, who is in her teens. The suspect reportedly told investigators, “I admit that I had sexual intercourse with her, but I thought she had consented to it.

Just before the incident, Isobe, Ms. A, and others were having dinner at another place with their friends. Afterwards, Mr. Isobe and Ms. A moved to a restaurant he owned, and when they were alone, they allegedly committed the crime. The store closes at 11:00 p.m., but it was around 3:00 a.m. at the time of the crime. Ms. A consulted the Nerima Police Department. The police were continuing their investigation.

Married” on SNS

The restaurant run by Isobe is located about a five-minute walk from Nakamurabashi Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. It seats about 30 people. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with a wooden base, and is said to have a good reputation among local customers.

The course is reasonably priced at around 5,000 yen, and the Isobe suspect is a friendly character, making it a popular restaurant. You can enjoy Yonezawa beef shabu-shabu, wild tuna, and rare ingredients such as horse liver sashimi. There is also a wide variety of alcoholic beverages on the menu, including wine, shochu, and sake.

The suspect Isobe opened the restaurant in the spring of 2007 after training at a culinary school. I heard that he was married and had children. ……” (a customer who visited Isobe’s restaurant several times).

In the profile section of the social networking service that appears to belong to Isobe, the suspect is indeed listed as “married,” and a picture of him and his children looking friendly is also posted. When this magazine’s reporter visited Isobe’s restaurant, it was deserted and a sign was posted saying that the restaurant would be closed for a while for personal reasons. The police are now investigating the details of how the Isobe suspect committed the act with Ms. A.

The restaurant he ran had a good reputation and was very popular (some photos have been doctored).
He is said to have had a wife and children. ……
He graduated from a culinary school and studied Japanese cuisine.
The incident occurred before dawn after the restaurant closed.
The restaurant in Nerima Ward owned by Isobe (photo has been doctored)
After the incident, a poster said, “We are closed.
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