Scoop Unveiled: Inside Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Wild Drinking Party Horseback Riding Photo Shoot! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop Unveiled: Inside Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Wild Drinking Party Horseback Riding Photo Shoot!

A wild drinking party was held in a suite room of a luxury hotel in Osaka with beautiful women who were "attended" by junior comedians.

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He makes Ms. B straddle him. The look of ecstasy on his face shows no sign of the king who has reigned over the entertainment world for so long.

Ako A said, “There are some VIPs coming, so if you decide to have sex with them, please get me a good girl.

It was the day before the drinking party when Ako received such a call. Although she was puzzled by the sudden contact, she was curious to know who the “VIP″ was, so she and her friend attended the party. The attendants took her to the place where they were waiting for them.

The king of comedy is in a tight spot. The December 27 issue of Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported that Hitoshi Matsumoto (60) of the comedy duo “Downtown” held a drinking party in a luxury hotel suite with his junior comedians and forced them to perform sexual acts on the women in attendance.

While the future of Matsumoto, who has suspended his activities, was in the spotlight, FRIDAY obtained shocking photos of him. A man is straddling a woman over his body as she lies on the floor. Matsumoto, the subject of this story, is in ecstasy as he places his left hand on the woman’s crotch.

FRIDAY interviewed Ms. Ako, who attended the drinking session. FRIDAY interviewed Ms. Ako, who participated in the drinking session, and she recounts the whole story.

I was invited to the drinking party with Mr. Matsumoto by Mr. Watanabe Sense (39) of “Crossbar Naoki. At the time, Mr. Watanabe and I often went out for drinks together. He invited me to a drinking party with ″VIP″ and asked me to send him a picture of the girl I was bringing, so I sent him a picture of my friend, B-ko, and he replied that she was cute and that he would be fine with her” (Ako. (All statements in parentheses are those of Ms. A.)

On the same day, before the VIP drinking session, Ako and her friends met up with Watanabe and went to an izakaya (Japanese-style pub).

“There again, Mr. Watanabe said to Biko, ‘Are you sure you can do that (with the VIPs)? He was very careful to make sure.

After leaving the restaurant, Ako and her friends were taken to a suite on the 35th floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, one of the most luxurious hotels in the Kansai region, where a night’s stay costs no less than 100,000 yen.

The six participants in the drinking party were Aiko, Biko, Watanabe, Tamura Kenji (50), Mr. X, a broadcaster of “Matsumoto Family Holiday,” and Matsumoto. At first, they were talking about their plans for the program, but after a while, Matsumoto began to ask about the private lives of the A-kos. When the topic turned to romance, Matsumoto began to reveal the type of girl he liked, saying, “I like young and naive girls.

When asked where he was from, Matsumoto replied, “I like girls who grew up well. When we were asked where we were from, she would say, ‘You grew up well, and I like girls with good grades. ‘ ‘How old is your father and what does he do? How old is your father and what does he do? He also asked questions like, “How old is your father and what does he do? Matsumoto-san said to Biko and I, “You look like Katopan, and I look like Minami Tanaka! This one looks like Minami Tanaka! He seemed to be having a good time.

The drinking session continued in a friendly mood for a while, until Tamura said, “Okay. The mood suddenly began to change when Tamura said, “Well, it’s almost time to go, so let’s end by saying the name of the person we like one by one.

First, all the men except for Mr. Matsumoto went into another room one by one, and then we were called in. Then, Tamuken asked us, “Who did you like among the men? Tamuken asked me, ‘Which of the men did you like? I was puzzled, so he asked, “If you had to pick one, who would it be? He persistently asked me, “You definitely have to pick one of them! I answered, “Tamuken-san. I later heard that Child B also answered, ‘Mr. Tamuken.

After interviewing the women, Tamuken came back to the room and said, “I have finished tallying up everyone. However, what he said was something that even Ako did not expect.

Discovery of a junior comedian

“Tamuken said, ‘Oh my God, they were both Mr. Matsumoto! I was honestly surprised. I was honestly surprised, but I refrained from refuting him because I was afraid that it would destroy the atmosphere. Perhaps feeling better by Tamuken’s comment, Matsumoto-san was in a good mood and said, “Well, I guess I’ll have both of them! Then there should be three of us! I said no. As I was softly replying no, Mr. Matsumoto patted Biko on the body and said, “I’ll take her for today. Then let’s go over there.’ ……”

The junior comedian set him up, and Matsumoto disappeared into the bedroom with Biko.

“When they went to the bedroom, the rest of them urged me, ‘We should leave the room,’ and we broke up. When we walked out of the hotel together, they picked up a cab and Tamuken-san took 3,000 yen out of his wallet for the cab fare, and when we refused, he now forcefully handed it to the cab driver. I was worried about my friend, so I told him I would stay behind. I told him that I was worried about my friend, so I told him that I would stay, but he put me in the cab at the end. As the car started to drive away, I remember seeing Mr. Tamuken hand Mr. Watanabe something that looked like an envelope.

Leaving her friends at the hotel, Ako was forced to return home halfway. However, about an hour after they broke up, she received a phone call.

A friend of mine is too drunk to go home, so can you come pick me up?”

The caller was not Biko, but Matsumoto.

I was surprised for a moment, but went back to the hotel. When we arrived and waited in front of the elevator, Matsumoto-san came down alone. When we went up to the room together, Matsumoto-san said, ‘Since you came all this way, let’s have another drink,’ so the three of us ended up drinking together.

During the drinking session, Matsumoto was relaxed, unlike when Tamura was there.

He said, “I remember that when we were alone, we talked a lot about eroticism. I remember that when the three of us were together, we talked a lot about erotic things, like, ‘People think I’m an S person, but I’m actually an M person,’ and ‘I like to be on top of you. Then Mr. Matsumoto turned to Biko and said, ‘Get on top of me like you did before,’ and put her on top of him. The picture is from that moment.”

Perhaps completely drunk, Matsumoto did not seem to pay attention when Ako and the others took out their cell phones. Matsumoto became talkative and said to them, “I’m a genius, aren’t I? That’s why I have to leave my descendants, don’t I? After the drinking session, which lasted until around 2 am, Ako and the others left the hotel and waited for the first train home.

Mr. Matsumoto said, “To be honest, I don’t know the truth of the reports of Mr. Matsumoto’s sexual assault, but it is true that he used junior comedians to hold drinking parties with ″getting laid″ girls. When we went back to drink, I asked Matsumoto-san, ‘Do you always invite girls to drink like this?’ He replied, ‘Not every time. But it’s more fun when there are girls around.

According to Ako’s testimony, Matsumoto had his juniors “pay up” to him for women, and despite the fact that he was married, he was still involved in wild debauchery.

FRIDAY asked Yoshimoto Kogyo about the facts regarding the drinking session and his disappearance into the bedroom with a woman, but received no response by the deadline, and there was no answer when we rang Matsumoto’s cell phone number, which Ms. Ako said was exchanged that day.

Was the emperor of the entertainment world the “king of nakedness”?

He had Ms. B straddle him. The look of ecstasy on his face showed no sign of the king who had reigned over the entertainment world for so long.

The real face of the emperor, as caught by this magazine

He picked up beautiful women with his junior comedians and ended up taking them home!
April 4, 2003 issue

Even after 1:00 a.m., Matsumoto was still picking up girls with his junior comedians. Behind Matsumoto is a young Hiroyuki Miyasako.

Even the king of the entertainment world escorts the woman of his choice politely.
April 11, 2008 issue

He went to a restaurant with his now wife, a former celebrity. Before entering the restaurant, he glared menacingly at everyone around him.

Enjoying a karaoke party with Hakata beauties in Nakasu at night.
February 18, ’11 issue

A secret blind date party in Nakasu, Fukuoka. After leaving the karaoke bar, he and a junior comedian went to a convenience store in search of condoms.

From the February 16, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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