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Yukina Kinoshita’s YouTube page is struggling with plummeting views

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In addition to Instagram, Yukina Kinoshita has also entered YouTube. However, the number of views seems to be struggling…

It seems that the YouTube channel of Yukina Kinoshita, who announced that she would resume her activities, is not doing as well as expected. On October 28th, Kinoshita posted her first video on YouTube. It wore a white shirt and apologized for the so-called “tapioca fright racket” with tears.

From the second animation, it changed completely and greeted “Cholly! It was the one that greeted and answered the question from a general user in high tension from the second animation.

Recently, she posted a video in which she whispered near a microphone and called it “mindfulness. After that, she specialized in fashion, introducing techniques for dressing up in Zara and Uniqlo.

However, the more she posts, the more her views are dwindling.

Counting the number of views since the apology video, it has gone from 4,630,000 to 1,990,000 to 490,000 to 160,000 to 140,000 to 24,000 (all as of the 5th), a roller coaster-like drop.

The comment section of the video is also

《I’ve never experienced such uncomfortable mindfulness before.
“This mental strength is amazing.

The comments on the video are mostly critical.

The comments on YouTube are often much harsher than those on Instagram. There are 530,000 followers on Instagram, but only 44,000 on YouTube.

To begin with, Instagram, which was managed by my former agency, had 5 million followers. Looking at the number of views on YouTube, I can’t help but wonder where all those fans have gone,” said an IT journalist.

In addition, the thumbnails of the ZARA and UNIQLO videos show the brand logos of the manufacturers, which made us think that the videos were for corporate projects, but there is no mention of PR anywhere. But there is no mention of PR. As a result of the tapioca fiasco, a cosmetics company that Kinoshita modeled for when she was affiliated with the agency has filed a lawsuit against her, her former agency, and the advertising company, seeking about 300 million yen in damages.

If this were a PR case, it would be considered “steaming,” but it is unlikely that ZARA and UNIQLO, two of her competitors, would ask Kinoshita to do their cases in succession. However, it is unlikely that ZARA and UNIQLO, two competitors, would ask Kinoshita to do the same thing. In other words, the video was shot at Kinoshita’s behest. In the comments section, some people wrote that they felt sorry for UNIQLO because of Kinoshita’s appeal.

I don’t know how much UNIQLO or ZARA she wears on a regular basis, but I think she planned to make a fast fashion video that would be popular with the masses because YouTube is not growing well. In addition, she doesn’t even cut the scene where she changes her clothes and reveals her underwear such as camisole and boxer shorts, which seems to be a “sexy strategy”. However, at present, even if she takes off her clothes, the number of views will only go down,” says a reporter from a sports paper.

A few tens of thousands of views is a lot of views for a normal YouTube video, but in her case, considering her fame and attention, it’s still a bit sad. Maybe one day she’ll break the ice and collaborate with her soccer player boyfriend, an acquaintance from her talent days, or even her ex-husband–!

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