Lawyer for Soccer Player Junya Ito, Accused of Sexual Assault, Explains Decision to Release Accuser’s “Jersey Video” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Lawyer for Soccer Player Junya Ito, Accused of Sexual Assault, Explains Decision to Release Accuser’s “Jersey Video”

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Junya Ito, a member of Japan’s national soccer team, has been the subject of a sexual scandal.

Amidst the uproar caused by Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “Bunshun Cannon,” now allegations of “sexual misconduct” involving Japanese soccer representative Junya Ito have surfaced.

Reported by the rival magazine of “Shukan Bunshun,” “Shukan Shincho,” in its issue released on February 1st, Ito is accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with A and B women while intoxicated at a hotel in Osaka last June, alongside his exclusive trainer.

Both women have filed criminal complaints with the Osaka Prefectural Police for quasi-forcible intercourse, among other charges. Meanwhile, Ito himself has filed a counter-complaint against the women for false accusations through his representative lawyer, Hiroharu Kato.

“Both sides are in direct opposition with their claims. Prior to the criminal complaints, Ito’s side attempted settlement negotiations through another representative but failed. Now, they have launched an offensive by appointing Hiroharu Kato, known for his involvement in cases like Super Crazy-kun, as their legal counsel. Lawyer Kato is actively making announcements with the aim of changing public opinion.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Both complaints have been accepted, and it carries risks when representatives communicate information in such a situation.

“It carries the potential to dig oneself into a hole, and it may also expose one’s strategy to the opposing party,” said a legal expert.

In the midst of this, an article from Flash, released on the 4th, emerged to prove Ito’s innocence.

The issue arose at the hotel, where the women claim they were heavily intoxicated and subjected to sexual assault while unconscious. In this context, in the New Chitose report, Ms. B alleged

“The dress she was wearing was also lifted up, exposing her chest,”

In fact, both of them had already arrived at the hotel,

“It’s easier this way.”

They changed into jerseys that Ito had brought with him, stating, “This way is easier.”

In addition, through a person close to Ito, Flash confirmed a video showing Ms. B sleeping soundly in a soccer jersey.

“There is no sign of disarray in her clothing.”


What I’m trying to convey is that there’s a discrepancy between the clothing described by Ms. B in Shukan Shincho and what they actually wore. This raises doubts about the credibility of the testimony. With no signs of clothing being disheveled, it’s hard to believe that any sexual assault occurred. This is something Attorney Kato has been emphasizing in various places.

“There is objective evidence indicating that there was no sexual assault.”

It is considered as one of the pieces of evidence that the lawyer, Mr. Kato, had been emphasizing. The aforementioned sports journalist spoke as follows.

“It goes without saying that wearing a jersey does not prove the absence of sexual assault. Rather, there is discomfort in filming a sleeping woman without permission and using it as evidence.


Why was such a video taken? It gives me the same impression as when Speed ​​Wagon’s Kazutaka Ozawa sent a LINE expressing concern to a smartphone he received from the woman during Downtown Matsumoto’s incident, knowing that there was no reply.”


At Matsumoto’s time, the fact that he spread a LINE exchange with a woman without her permission

“It is the same as second rape.”

In addition, Kato’s lawyer, in response to some media interviews, dismissed the women’s complaint as fabrication, and declared that he would soon file a civil suit seeking a huge amount of damages.

“Saying such things before the results of the investigation are out could be perceived as ‘intimidation’ against women, and it’s understandable. This matter is a very sensitive issue related to sexual matters. It may have a negative impact on those who come forward to report sexual assault in the future.”

The Japanese national team, without Ito, suffered an upset loss to Iran at the ongoing Asian Cup and was eliminated from the tournament. The women and Shincho have received a lot of slander, but they need to cool down and look at things from a different perspective.

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