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Cotton Comedy’s Next Breakout Star: A Shift from Introverts to Extroverts in the Comedy Scene

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Comedians on the rise, “Cotton” with Shinji Nishimura (left) and Kyon. The photo was taken on August 27, 2023, when they performed at a music event in Osaka alongside “Kabeposter” (PHOTO: Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.).

The comedy duo “Cotton” is showing signs of breaking through. Originally, Cotton wasn’t seen as particularly talented. In the world of comedy, which is often mocked for its introverted nature, their outgoing personalities may not have seemed to fit in well.

However, Cotton has been steadily proving their talent to the world. Since 2017, they have reached the finals of the “ABC Comedy Grand Prix” four times, and in 2022, they were runners-up in the “King of Conte” competition. Additionally, their recent achievements, such as being selected as regulars on the Monday edition of “Hirunandesu!” since April 2023, have been remarkable.

Shinji Nishimura, in particular, has a glamorous background, having graduated from Keio University and worked as a former announcer for Hiroshima Home Television. Although he only worked as an announcer for about three years, unlike major networks where new announcers typically start with minor roles, he was immediately tasked with reading news. According to entertainment writers, “He can handle serious news, which comedians might find challenging, making him a valuable asset for informational programs. Expectations are high for his future as an MC.”

Kyon has also gained attention for their celebrity impersonations, and their follower count on TikTok and Instagram continues to grow, with each platform having over 300,000 followers. In their celebrity impersonations, Kyon dresses up as a female apparel store clerk or editor. The comments sections are filled with high praise like “There’s definitely someone like this out there!” and “So cute! I could watch this forever.”

Last fall, Kyon expanded their range of activities by playing the role of a colleague in the drama “Truck Girl” and a convenience store clerk in “Successive Ball Players,” showcasing their versatility in various roles.

On “Achikochi Audrey,” aired in February 2023, Cotton developed the theory that “the world of comedy is dominated by introverts.” While Cotton was discussing this theory, Nishimura expressed his confidence by saying that he believes he’s talented enough to make an iPhone if he focused solely on mobile phones. Currently, Nishimura seems to be fully dedicated to the world of comedy.

“Nishimura is extremely hardworking, and Kyon acknowledges that as well. They both seem to be diligently pursuing their careers in comedy. In a comedy world dominated by introverts, it’s exciting to see where these extroverted individuals can go.” (Quoted entertainment writer)

Initially, they were active under the name “L’Africain” for 10 years, but changing their name to the more memorable “Cotton” seems to have been the right decision.

In April 2021, during the broadcast of “Shikujiri Sensei Ore Mitai ni Naru na!!,” new name suggestions were presented, and they decided to change their name on the spot. Over the past 1-2 years, they have firmly established themselves in the top ranks of comedy competitions, and they may continue to succeed in various genres with this momentum.

  • PHOTO Sankei Shimbun

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