Terrifying Court Testimony: Sexual Assault on 10 Women Blamed on Simultaneous Drug and Alcohol Use | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Terrifying Court Testimony: Sexual Assault on 10 Women Blamed on Simultaneous Drug and Alcohol Use

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“Claiming innocence” — Defendant Takeuchi (from his own social media account)

“Repeatedly, a dark shadow appeared and I felt compelled to obey orders. I thought I would be killed if I didn’t carry them out.”

“I don’t remember because I consumed drugs and alcohol at the same time.”

At his first trial on February 1 at the Okayama District Court, the man gave unintelligible testimony and pleaded not guilty.


Toshiharu Takeuchi, 49, is alleged to have sexually assaulted 10 female customers at a guesthouse he ran by drugging them with sleeping pills and other drugs. He was charged with the crime of quasi-forcible sexual intercourse and other crimes.

“The defendant, Toshiharu Takeuchi, managed the ‘Cafe & Guest House Dekoya’ in Sato-cho, Okayama Prefecture. According to the indictment, he allegedly served women drinks mixed with sleep-inducing drugs, rendering them unable to resist, and then committed sexual assaults. Even during questioning after his arrest, Takeuchi denied the allegations, claiming he couldn’t recall the names of the victims.” (From a national newspaper’s judicial affairs reporter)

“FRIDAY Digital” reported extensively on the indecent assault case involving the defendant Takeuchi in an article published on October 12, 2022. We would like to revisit the chilling modus operandi of the crime and the surprising behavior of the defendant, with some modifications to the content.

He repeatedly visited during the night and the next day.

Takeuchi ran a guesthouse (from his SNS).

A woman in her 30s who visited the guesthouse said she had no recollection of her stay for a long time on both occasions she stayed there. However, from the large amount of images and videos seized by the police, the possibility emerged that the woman, who was in a coma, had been sexually assaulted. It is suspected that she was drugged and subjected to indecent acts.

On October 10, 2022, the Okayama Prefectural Police Investigation Division arrested the defendant, Toshiharu Takeuchi, on suspicion of quasi-forced sexual intercourse and quasi-forced indecency. It is alleged that he administered sedative drugs to a female guest, referred to as Ms. A, in her 30s from Kyoto Prefecture, and sexually assaulted her. In response to police questioning, the defendant denied administering drugs, stating that the acts were consensual.

“Ms. A stayed at Dekoya, managed by defendant Takeuchi, twice in July and August 2020. She has little memory of the evenings on both occasions, and was unaware of being victimized. Ms. A is not the only one suspected of being subjected to indecent acts. In August 2019, defendant Takeuchi allegedly administered drugs to and raped Ms. B, a woman in her 30s from Kanagawa Prefecture. He was arrested and prosecuted last September. The crimes were reportedly repeated multiple times from evening until the following morning.

After the incidents came to light, the police received numerous reports suggesting potential victimization. Despite expressing refusal with ‘Please stop,’ victims reportedly found it difficult to resist due to the effects of the drugs. Evidence from defendant Takeuchi’s computer and Dekoya revealed allegations against Ms. A as well.” (reporter from the society department of a national newspaper)

Defendant Takeuchi opened Dekoya in the late 2010s. It was a renovated traditional Japanese house that had been vacant for about 20 years. The accommodation offered a reasonable pricing structure, with approximately 6,000 yen for a stay with two meals included and around 3,000 yen for a basic overnight stay.

“It was frequently featured in travel magazines and websites. The renovated traditional house with a tea room and the popular hot pot dishes and charcoal grills, mainly using mountain vegetables, received high praise and ratings. Guests from all over the country were visiting.

However, there were constant troubles with neighboring residents. There were frequent disputes over the boundary lines, and it’s been heard that there were often arguments with people living nearby. Rumors about incidents like female guests vomiting, possibly due to drug contamination, had circulated on the internet for some time.” (travel website editor).

Promoting it as a place where women could feel safe staying alone, the defendant, Mr. Takeuchi, posted numerous picturesque images on Facebook. However, behind the scenes, it seems he was planning his crimes. There is no sign of remorse evident from his testimony in court.

The guesthouse “Dekoya,” which is believed to be the scene of the crime. It was popular for its atmosphere of a renovated old private house.
The “Dekoya” guesthouse, believed to be the crime scene. The atmosphere of the renovated old private house was popular (from “Dekoya’s” Facebook page).
The “Dekoya” guesthouse, believed to be the crime scene. The atmosphere of the renovated old private house was popular (from “Dekoya’s” Facebook page).

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