Shocking report of Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “healthy massage” obscenity… “Downtown” duo name in danger of disappearing. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shocking report of Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “healthy massage” obscenity… “Downtown” duo name in danger of disappearing.

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Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto was reportedly involved in a “sexual misconduct” scandal at a massage parlor.

It seems that not only Matsumoto but also the “Downtown” brand may be in danger.

On January 31, Shukan Bunshun (Weekly Bunshun) reported a new story about Downtown’s Matsumoto Hitoshi as the 10th person to accuse him.

The article, titled “Female Employee and Husband Accuse Matsumoto of Violent Behavior at Massage Parlor.”

The article, titled ” The article states that Matsumoto forced her to perform sexual acts at a well-known salon frequented by actresses who appeared in the “Taiga Drama.

The salon is frequented by female customers and is not a massage parlor that offers “sexual services,” but a salon that is listed on “Hot Pepper Beauty.

According to the article, Ms. I, a store employee, testified that she was traumatized by Matsumoto’s victimization 10 years ago and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at a psychosomatic medicine clinic. Furthermore, she thought that she would regret it for the rest of her life if she cried herself to sleep because of her complaint in Bunshun, so she made the accusation this time.

Bunshun spent three weeks interviewing various places to gather objective evidence. The salon was described in graphic detail in …… that even though the treatment time was over, he was demanded to perform sexual acts on her, forcibly grabbed her by the back of the head, and pushed his lower body against her face.

(Sports newspaper reporter) It seems that a police report was filed this time for indecent assault by Matsumoto, but since the statute of limitations for prosecution has passed seven years, it was only a form of damage consultation.

If the article is true, it is a very thoughtless act that could result in the loss of everything. If he had been reported, he would have been out in a heartbeat.

The report was a blow to Mr. Matsumoto, and he may have been completely cut off from returning to television. Moreover, we have heard rumors that there are still more reports. ……” (Women’s magazine reporter)

On Matsumoto’s side

Matsumoto’s side filed a lawsuit against Bungei Shunju, claiming that there is no fact that constitutes sexual assault.

However, if what was reported this time is true, the impression of sexual assault is undeniable. However, if what is reported in this article is true, the impression of sexual assault cannot be denied.

I feel bad for his partner, Masanori Hamada, who is trying to protect Matsumoto’s absence, but the name “Downtown” itself could become a taboo. There is a possibility that they may literally disappear from TV.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the golden era of Downtown, which lasted for about 40 years, is over.

(A TV station official) “A long time ago, there was a saying that ‘womanizing is the fertilizer of one’s art,’ but for Matsumoto, it has become not just fertilizer but a ‘fatal risk. –(TV station insider)

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