Yoshizumi Ishikawa, who had stated “I have a desire to get married,” headed to a “slightly late New Year’s party” dressed in a “neat and clean fashion” style. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yoshizumi Ishikawa, who had stated “I have a desire to get married,” headed to a “slightly late New Year’s party” dressed in a “neat and clean fashion” style.

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Ishikawa is dressed up and headed out to dinner. What is the partner? ……

All of Japan has been watching the women’s singles table tennis team. The two-year race for the right to compete in the Paris Olympics this summer ended with Hina Hayata (23) and Miu Hirano (23) winning the right to represent Japan.

Behind the fierce competition, former national team ace Yoshizumi Ishikawa, 30, faced a new challenge. She has been appointed as an Asian KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for Shiseido Professional’s hair care product “Sublimic.

KOL simply means to act as an “official influencer. On January 29, she posted a video of her make-up on her Instagram, receiving a string of comments on social networking sites praising her as “too cute” and “beautiful both inside and out.

Ishikawa boasts outstanding popularity as a former athlete and TV personality. She is a “hot seller” with commercial contracts with four companies, including Shiseido and Uniqlo. If she becomes this popular, the media will not remain silent. It depends on what Ishikawa herself thinks, but if she wants to, she will probably do well in the entertainment industry.

On the evening of January 10, Ishikawa arrived at Hibiya wearing an ice-gray coat and beige pumps in an elegant outfit. He went straight into a well-established restaurant in Hibiya Park. The people she went in with were not handsome …… men of her age, but an elderly man and woman. Apparently, they were invited to a sponsor’s New Year’s party. Ishikawa came out of the restaurant at 8:00 p.m. with the two people mentioned above and drove off in the direction of his home without heading to the after-party.

Unlike the uniform he wore during his active career, Ishikawa was dressed up for the occasion. As he has already turned 30 years old, we are wondering what his private life is like.

On his official YouTube channel, Ishikawa revealed that he wants to get married. He also said enthusiastically, ‘I want to try within five years. Perhaps we will hear some happy news in his personal life soon.

As for her love life, she seems to be enjoying her table tennis-free days at the moment. During the year-end and New Year’s holidays, he seemed to have indulged in delicious food and told people around him that he was worried that he had gained a little weight. She is also struggling to get her driver’s license. She started going to school last year, but she has not been able to go because of her work, so she said she wants to work hard this year.

Ishikawa is also expected to be active as a reporter at the Paris Olympics, the first Olympics after her retirement. It seems that his rapid progress will continue this year.

Ishikawa coming out of a fancy restaurant
Ishikawa getting into a pickup truck.
Ishikawa leaving the restaurant. Restaurant personnel assist an elderly man in a wheelchair. Enjoying a meal with a woman in red and three others.
Yoshizumi Ishikawa, dressed in elegant and mature dress, went to a “New Year’s party a little late.
[Image] Yoshizumi Ishikawa, dressed in elegant adult fashion, headed to a “slightly late New Year’s party”.
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