Saraba Seishun no Hikari” 10th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was a great success! Aiseki-Start “Yamazoe” and TKO “Kimoto” also participated, delighting fans. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saraba Seishun no Hikari” 10th Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was a great success! Aiseki-Start “Yamazoe” and TKO “Kimoto” also participated, delighting fans.

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The two enliven the audience at the general meeting of shareholders

On January 12, the 10th general shareholders’ meeting of The Mori-Higashi, a private office established by comedians Tetsuya Morita (42) and Bukuro Higashi (38) as the duo “Saraba Seishun no Hikari,” was held at the Tokyo International Forum.

This general shareholders’ meeting is an annual fan appreciation talk event. The number of attendees has been increasing every year, and the event has become so popular that tickets are sold out soon after they go on sale.

A little past 7:00 p.m., when the show was to begin, the two members of Saraba Seishun no Hikari appeared. They appeared to thunderous applause, a testament to their popularity.

The guest host was Hiroshi Yamazoe (38) of Aiseki Start. Yamazoe often appears on the YouTube channel of Saraba Seishun no Hikari, so he is a familiar guest to the fans who came to the event.

The first talk was an ‘Accomplishment Announcement.’ He reflected on his 23 years of work, sharing various memories from his career and the luxury car he decided to purchase for the show’s project.

It seems that the year ’23 was a major turning point in work for Saraba Seishun no Hikari as well. Thanks to an increase in the number of appearances by Higashi Bukuro, as well as advertising projects, sales rose significantly compared to last year. The audience was stunned by the size of the amount of money.

However, Morita seemed dissatisfied with the lack of time off due to the increased number of appearances, blurting out that he only had a few days off during the year.

The two enlivened the audience from the opening talk. The talk then proceeded on the theme of troubles that occurred this year, and Hiroo A. and Hirokawa, who support the YouTube channel behind the scenes, took the stage for a light-hearted behind-the-scenes talk.

The topic changed, with Higashi Bukuro saying that he has recently become addicted to sauna. He introduced his special way of entering the sauna and showed a video of what can never be broadcast on TV or YouTube. Together with Takehiro Kimoto of TKO, who appeared as a guest, they practiced a new way of entering the sauna, and the content was on the edge of what could only be done at a shareholders meeting.

Toward the end of the meeting, it was pointed out that Morita had never performed “Take It easy,” a song played on his YouTube channel, in front of his fans, and he sang the song live with members of THE CHERRY COKE$. Together with the shareholders (fans) gathered at the venue, they concluded the shareholders’ meeting.

In recent years, many comedians have become independent, but the two who became independent before them and are successfully surviving in the entertainment industry may be the hope of independent comedians as a new form of comedian.

Panels set up at the venue
Morita sings “Take It easy
Many fans came to the venue.

The two backstage staff also joined in to liven up the venue.

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